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Perfect Pokemon Glossary

Abbreviations & Commonly-used Terms

  • BP - "base power" of a move.
  • BST - Total of a Pokemon's base stats (numerical)
  • Screen - term that involves moves Reflect and/or Light Screen
  • NVE - not very effective
  • OHKO - One-hit-knock-out
  • Priority - any move that ensures that the user move first
  • VGC - Video Game Championships
  • SE- super effective
  • STAB - Same Type Attack Bonus

Play Styles

  • Offense - teams that focus on hard hitting and fast moves by out-speeding and out-damaging the opponent
  • Stall/Wall - a defensive team - focus on residual damage rather than direct damage - resilient
  • Balance - team with both offensive and defensive Pokemon - team that works together.

Team Roles

  • Sweeper - hard hitting, fast Pokemon with the ability to take down several opponents - usually weak defense
  • Glass Cannon - weak defensively but high offensive damage
  • Spinner/Defogger - a Pokemon who uses the ability Rapid Spin to remove entry hazards
  • Tank - a Pokemon that is used to endure damage and not faint
  • Utility - a Pokemon that can switched in for a variety of uses


  • Uber - Pokemon that are too powerful for use in standard play
  • OU - Over Used Pokemon
  • UU - Under Used Pokemon
  • RU - Rarely Used Pokemon
  • NU - Never Used Pokemon
  • PU - Partially Used Pokemon
  • NFE - Not Fully Evolved Pokemon (on second evolution)
  • LC - Little Cup - level 5 and below Pokemon
  • LC Uber - Little Cup Pokemon that are generally banned for being too powerful in regular LC tiers


  • HP - hit points - the Pokemon's life value numerically
  • Attack - one of the factors that determine how powerful physical attacks are
  • Defense - how resistant your Pokemon is to physical attacks
  • Special Attack - one of the factors that determine how powerful special attacks (non physical) are
  • Special Defense - how resistant your Pokemon is to non physical attacks
  • Speed - the stat that determines which Pokemon attacks first in the battle - fastest goes first

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