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Awarded Badges

  1. Awarded: Jan 27, 2016

    Elite Badge Green

    Defeated the 1st elite four member

  2. Awarded: Feb 10, 2016

    Water Badge

    Defeated the Water Gym Leader

  3. Awarded: Nov 26, 2015

    Grass Badge

    Defeated the Grass Gym Leader
    Reason: Won it in battle

  4. Awarded: Nov 9, 2015

    Dragon Badge

    Defeated the Dragon Gym Leader
    Reason: Beat me in a fair battle

  5. Awarded: Nov 7, 2015

    Steel Badge

    Defeated steel Gym leader

  6. Awarded: Nov 2, 2015

    Thunder Badge

    Defeated the electric gym leader
    Reason: keep on swaggin' -fiyer

  7. Awarded: Oct 30, 2015

    Ice Badge

    Defeated the Ice Gym Leader

  8. Awarded: Oct 30, 2015

    Bug Badge

    Defeated the Bug Gym Leader

  9. Awarded: Aug 27, 2015

    Poison Badge

    Defeated the Poison Gym Leader

  10. Awarded: Jul 15, 2015

    Ghost Badge

    Defeated the Ghost Gym Leader

  11. Awarded: Jul 11, 2015

    Flying Badge

    Defeated the Flying Gym Leader

  12. Awarded: May 6, 2015

    Fire Badge

    Defeated the fire gym leader

  13. Awarded: Apr 26, 2015

    Helpful Lemon Badge

    Awarded to users who have shown a continuous effort to help the site and fellow members.