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    1. TheCollector
      I'm ready to trade the Manaphy egg. Just need your friend code
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      2. TheCollector
        TheCollector Sep 7, 2015
        Then I'm ready to trade whenever you are :)
      3. Kaseysimpson98
        Kaseysimpson98 Sep 7, 2015
        Okay. I'm ready. Just finishing up a trade. c:
      4. TheCollector
        TheCollector Sep 7, 2015
        Thank you very much :)
    2. Kaseysimpson98
      Not sure if I want to be Pokemon master, maybe just a person who cares and loves her Pokemon.
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    Jun 19, 1990 (Age: 27)
    Hello, my name is Kasey. As you can see from my photo, I am quite the fanatic of the Simpsons. I have my own OC, as shown in my username. I also love Pokemon, I've been watching, collecting, playing for my whole life, and I haven't played in about 6-7 years. Back in 2008-2009 was the last time I had played a game so I decided to play once more with the new games that had come out. So you can message me, friend me, whatever on my main pages, I will link them soon.
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