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    1. LucaYasha
      Mynor1 as a staff member please help, I accidently sent my 10000PC to a dead account (was meant for Chaos, but got sent to ChaosKid14) so I cant get a response please help :(
    2. AceBreeder-Brock
      Happy Birthday Mynor you better still remember meh xp
      1. Mynor1 likes this.
    3. Krelbit
      Who's Mynor?
    4. Kaneki
      Happy Birthday! :)
    5. Mynor1
      I'll be returning more frequently as an admin but it'll take time before I can get back into the game itself.
      1. Jiggly
        Jiggly Jun 9, 2017
        lol sure
    6. Cloud Miller
      hi i sent a request to join your team Elite and was hoping to be added in
    7. Mynor1
      Add me on PSN: Mynor1 :)
    8. Hopsin
      or can you reply here?
    9. Hopsin
      anyway you can pm me?
    10. Cheza
      Where you go? Your so busy now a days ;U;
      1. Mynor1
        Mynor1 Apr 23, 2014
        School and needed a break from pokemon after my game got corrupted D; Coming back today or tomorrow though :) Just need to transfer over some pokes and get some school stuff done :) I will return better than ever :D
      2. Cheza
        Cheza Apr 23, 2014
        Fix yuuur guume, I might be able to battle you someday! haha Internet back tomorrow I hopes and after I get caught up in gym battles again I might take a quick break for school also :d
      3. Mynor1
        Mynor1 Apr 23, 2014
        I will! :P I'm fixing it as I type this :P Yeah, that's understandable :) You will be missed >.<
    11. Erodish
      Wicked, sold me the exact mon as advertised :)
    12. ~Digital_Convoy~
      You should praise goomy for meeting him
      1. Mynor1
        Mynor1 Jan 21, 2014
        He actually beat me in the tourney and knocked me down 20 seats ._.
      2. ~Digital_Convoy~
        ~Digital_Convoy~ Jan 21, 2014
        his Kanka/Reuniclus Trick Room Combo is really stronk
    13. ~Digital_Convoy~
      is that the justin flynn?
      1. Mynor1
        Mynor1 Jan 21, 2014
        No, that's Flynn Justin :P Hahaha I met him at VGC :)
    14. mr mullo
      Excellent service
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    15. BadPandaPancham
      Congrats on the tourny win :] I wish I coulda joined
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      2. Mynor1
        Mynor1 Jan 11, 2014
        Thanks so much :) There's always next time :)
    16. TehLamp
      Awesome guy! Thanks so much all the trust
      1. Mynor1 likes this.
    17. x0rqasmatr0n
      Mynor gets my +4364236423569623953 on trust.
      one of the coolest dudes on here! so nice and has great pokes. will always do business with him.
      Jyner forever bro <3
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    18. Wesley
      <3 Awesome dude. +1 trust! <3
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    19. Pikehex
      +1 on Trust. Thanks for the Slowpoke.
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    20. SeanTronB
      +1 on helping me out! Trustworthy Buyer. Much respect.
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    Dec 23, 1994 (Age: 23)
    College Student, Biology Major
    Am fairly decent at battling. If I have you on my friend's list and want to battle, go ahead and challenge. More than likely I'll accept unless I'm breeding or getting battle points.

    It's not really a matter of what you can offer when trading me but more a matter of what I'm looking for. These are the current pokemon or trades I'm interested in:

    Your mother


    IGN: Mynor FC: 0189-8994-4178
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