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    1. Cheza
      Welcome to the Site!
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      2. Cheza
        Cheza Sep 29, 2014
        If you are putting money onto the site it would be 100 pc. If you are cashing 100 pc into real money it would be 66 cents. The conversion rate of pc to real money is 150, so whatever you have in pc divided by 150 will give you how much real money you have. :)
      3. PokemonShinyShop
        PokemonShinyShop Sep 29, 2014
        Great, The profit of the site comes from this diference, right? putting high, taking down. Will be awesome work with you.
      4. Cheza
        Cheza Sep 29, 2014
        lol yes this is how the site makes it's money, best of luck and if you have any questions or issues feel from to pm me. :)
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