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    1. Cheza
      Hey! For leaving feedback, be sure that the buyer of your product has left a comment on your selling thread. Otherwise you'll get an error. The URL of the shop thread must be created by the buyer/seller, and the other participate must leave a response on said thread. :)
    2. ISellPokemen
      I can get u some Froakies
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      2. Serpentine
        Serpentine May 10, 2016
        How much are you going to charge me? I don't need froakies though but I'm looking for others
      3. ISellPokemen
        ISellPokemen May 10, 2016
        about 5 for 20 pokemon
      4. AceBreeder-Brock
        AceBreeder-Brock May 12, 2016
        @Sell You know the min price is 60 PC per poke/service right you can't sell it like that.
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    3. Jrockgould
      Interested in that Froakie if you still have it. Noticed you don't get those starters in game
      1. Serpentine
        Serpentine May 8, 2016
        I traded for them lol. I even got several starters via Wonder Trade.
      2. Jrockgould
        Jrockgould May 8, 2016
        Yeah I don't have that luck. Got a Mudkip from trade but already have swampert smh haha
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    4. ISellPokemen
      best trader ever !!!! :D
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    5. Serpentine
      Still learning the site and would like to become a big part of it!
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    I have been a fan of pokemon since the first gen but have stopped after Black and White. I am now getting back into it. I've just stared Omega Ruby a little late lol. I want to trade and exchange battling tips!



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