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Team Elite

    1. Nero112
      hey ur gonna have to wait a week or so my teams not ready yet but i made sure i posted that...and dont worry about the rest of the trade dude its all good ^_^
      1. zootxaz
        zootxaz Aug 23, 2016
        I can gen a team if that's what u want
      2. Nero112
        Nero112 Aug 23, 2016
        this need to solidify and think of one im going through options now but ill let you know if i need anything i have a ton of stuff in my bank haha
    2. pauli harju
      are you available today ?
      1. zootxaz
        zootxaz Aug 23, 2016
        yes i am on now :)
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    Yeah Uh-huh So seductive,
    I'll take you to the poke shop
    I'll let you pick what you want
    [ candy shop <3 ]
    My Friend code is 1092-1551-7363 :)
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