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6-6IV Ditto Nature Of Your Choice**500PC**

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell Perfect Pokémon' started by Richtaylorr, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. Richtaylorr

    Richtaylorr Youngster Joey

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    Available to sell you these pokemon most evenings 5PM-10PM EST

    i meant to type 16 6iv ditto, not 6 xD
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  2. Metal_matty

    Metal_matty Pokémon Trainer

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    wich natures do you need?
    I can get you all of them for 720 PC
    the lowest price for each one pokemon is 60 PC and
    i added a lot of offers :
    1 free pokemon first time buyer
    buy 10 mons get 3 free
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