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Breeding shiny pokemon

Discussion in 'Rules and Suggestions' started by cfencl, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. cfencl

    cfencl Youngster Joey

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    Hi everybody. I have a shiny female ivysaur that I'm trying to breed to get a shiny bulbasaur. I am breeding it with my male Venusaur that is level 90. I've bred about 20 bulbasaur so far but none of them are shiny. How would I pass on the shiny trait to the offspring when one of the parents is a shiny pokemon?
  2. callum

    callum Pokémon Trainer

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    hi there i dont really think the parent being shinny has anything to do with if the child will be shinny. I also do not think that the level of the other pokemon makes a difference. Your best chance to breed a shinny pokemon your best chance to increase the chance of a shinny is to breed your Ivysaur with a pokemon from a different region as this increases the chances, if you have the shinny charm you can also use that.

    Hope this helped
  3. Sara Crystal

    Sara Crystal Pokémon Trainer

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    Callum is absolutely right. Best chance to get for a shiny is to have a shiny charm and also use Masuda method, which means parents have to be from different regions. So, for example, Japanese Ditto and your Venosaur. The odds with MM while breeding are 1/527 with the shiny charm and 1/683 without it. But those are just numbers. Depends on luck. You can get one in your first patch and you can get one on like 2000 egg+. For example, I was trying for a shiny HA Litleo before. Had 6 boxes full and no shiny while I got shiny Vulpix actually by accident in under 60 eggs :)
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