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Community YouTube Channel - VS Recorder Code Submission

Discussion in 'Support Us' started by doulie, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. doulie

    doulie King of the Ring Staff Member Admin

    Do you have a WiFi battle that you are very proud of? A close exciting match? Or one where you made an impossible comeback? We would love to host your amazing battles on our community YouTube Channel.

    Please paste your VS recorder code below and a short description on why you would like to see it on the community channel.
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  2. Krelbit

    Krelbit Guest

    I'm too lazy for this, but I'm all for it. Would love to eventually get better at battling, so watching others would be a great way to pick up some new strategies. I hope to see your guys' battles up there!
  3. Indecisive

    Indecisive Pokémon Trainer

    Because seriously owned and showing universe legends aren't op. ;'-)

  4. ericashes

    ericashes Moderator Staff Member Mod Will Not Fall Journalist Dex Contributor

    I got the finals battle between Dom and I if you're interested in having it on the youtube channel.

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