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Active Create-a-Pokemon (CAP) #1 - Base Stat Ideas

Discussion in 'Showdown [CAP]' started by Matt_192, Jul 4, 2015.

  1. Matt_192

    Matt_192 Official Server Crasher Staff Member Admin Will Not Fall Journalist Friendzilla Donor Dex Contributor Iron Will

    Phase 3 - Base Stat Ideas

    Welcome back to CAP! Before I get started, here is a quick run down on what we've accomplished so far:

    Concept 1:

    Name: Sticky Web 2.0
    Description of Concept: Effectively, this concept would allow for a Sticky Web Pokemon that is a) not a suicide lead and b) does not completely kill momentum.
    Reason for Concept: Currently, in OU, there are only two real Sticky Web users: Smeargle and Shuckle (since Galvantula is kinda ass). A sticky web user that wouldn't be a suicide lead would really help the strategy in OU IMO, and it would allow teams to not have to run a suicide lead just to get up Sticky Web (and Stealth Rocks if you're lucky). By using this idea, we can also see what Pokemon rise up in a metagame with an increased emphasis on Speed Control.
    Type: Dark / Poison

    Concept 2:

    Name: Trick Room Setter
    Description of Concept: A trick room setter that could somehow improve the viability of trick room teams in the OU environment.
    Reasons for Concept: Trick room in concept has always been incredibly interesting to me, but unfortunately with only 5 turns of trick room and some unfortunately mediocre setters for the OU environment, trick room teams have never really taken off. There are plenty of Pokemon already ready to abuse it (mega Mawile, mega Abamasnow, Escavalier, Dragalgae, etc), so all TR really needs is a little push in the support department to start making a relevant impact IMO.
    Type: Ghost / Normal

    Now that we have these ideas down, it's time to start discussing base stats. However, here are the rules:
    • No shitposting, as per usual. Please make sure all of your posts have some relevance to the topic at hand.
    • Information is key. Select base stats in particular, and then back up your thoughts with calcs, etc.
    • It is unlikely that this will end with a public poll. The QC Council will discuss the stats presented in the thread and come to a logical conclusion before heading into the next section of CAP.
    • Please make sure you are informed about this entire CAP project before posting. We already have quite a few ideas for both of these Pokemon, so please recap on those.
    • If you wish too, you may use Bugmaniacbob's BSR Calculator (thanks!) to work out some spreads. Please bear in mind that this does not have stats for ORAS megas. I highly recommend that you should read this thread and have these things in mind if you really do wish to use it:
    Physical Tankiness (PT)
    The rating of the Pokémon's physical defense.
    Physical Sweepiness (PS)
    The rating of the Pokémon's physical offense.
    Special Tankiness (ST)
    The rating of the Pokémon's special defense.
    Special Sweepiness (SS)
    The rating of the Pokémon's special offense

    Please bear in mind that BSR Calcs are not needed in posts. The calculator is simply there for testing. If you wish to back up your ideas with it then do so by all means, but they are in no way required due to the complexity.
    Current CAP QC Team:
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  2. notsoclutch

    notsoclutch Rare Breed Staff Member Admin Let It Reign Battler Donor

    So I guess I will go ahead and kick things off:

    Trick Room Setter
    HP: 90 - flavorwise it's fitting for normal types to have fairly high HP stats (3rd highest average on HP among all types) and it makes sense to have a lot of mixed bulk on a trick room setter.
    Atk: 65 - neither ghost nor normal types commonly have a lot of physical attack
    Def: 85 - an average amount of bulk that fits more with the flavor of trick room.
    SpA: 115 - it feels right flavor-wise and one of the attacking stats have to be high for it to be viable in my eyes.
    SpD: 95 - Base 95 special defense is really nice and bulk is important. With base 100 our TR setter would be able to setup on a number of common special attackers making it much more consistent.
    Spe: 50 - needs to be low, but if it's too low it might be a little tough to run on anything but dedicated TR.

    BST: 500

    Sticky Web 2.0
    HP: 110 - Helps it tank hits
    Atk: 110 - I like the thought of powerful knock off on a sticky web user discouraging potential problematic switch ins and many common defoggers are hit really hard by physical dark type attacks.
    Def: 65 - Seems pretty mediocre, but with the HP as high as it is, it works.
    SpA: 70 - not unusable, but meant to be a bit lower.
    SpD: 70 - Look at def write up.
    Spe: 95 - Solid speed tier.
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  3. Martin

    Martin I'm just kinda here Staff Member Mod Donor

    TR setter: I personally think that having even stats across the board barring, say, 1 or two stats would be a good way to go about this. There is currently a lack of physical setters, so I'm thinking maybe having 110-120 in all stats barring SpA and Spe, which will be low as crap (60 SpA and 20 Spe maybe?). This way is is an all-around great 'mon that doesn't go into psuedo legend territory, and its not like having 120 across the board is broken or anything as it is a good but not great stat, and it will allow the 'mon to make best use of its stellar typing.

    Sticky Web: I think we should probably go bulkier than Excadrill for this, because with Clutch's spread it isn't as bulky as it (Exca exceeds overall bulk if I'm not mistaken). Perhaps, we could give it 105 HP and 85 in both defenses combined with solid offenses and high speed. Maybe using a spread of 105 / 100 / 85 / 100 / 85 / 115 (HP/Atk/Def/SpA/SpD/Spe) - 590 BST - would be good? Idk.
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  4. notsoclutch

    notsoclutch Rare Breed Staff Member Admin Let It Reign Battler Donor

    I get what you are saying for sure, but your base stat lines seem really high. Maybe we could push one of the defensive and offensive stats down a bit just to balance things out or push some of my bulk stats up a bit to exceed the bulk of excadrill for the sticky web setter.

    As for the trick room setter, I think the combination of a normal and ghost typing and 120/120/120 bulk, might be a bit too much. Just remember how bulky mew is with 20 less in each stat. Maybe if we swapped my physical and special attacks we could get a fairly nice compromise. Normal has some really nice and powerful physical attacks, so that could really benefit our Pokemon and maybe bump the bulk up ever so slightly.
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  5. Martin

    Martin I'm just kinda here Staff Member Mod Donor

    For the TR setter, we could maybe do 120/120/100/60/100/40? That way, it is bulky (slightly moreso than mew) with a high offense, but not Mega Audino-esque bulk on a base form 'mon with better offenses. How does that sound?

    With the my S-Web one, we could push the HP down on my spread and I think it'd be fine. I think the offenses are good at 100 as it isn't particularly powerful, but it still has good offensive presence if we give it some high power attacks like Knock Off, Gunk Shot etc. Maybe of we push the HP down to 90 and leave the defenses at 85? I do want to keep the Raikou speed tier though, as it should be fast so that it is able to lay the webs down consistently. Thoughts?
  6. Matt_192

    Matt_192 Official Server Crasher Staff Member Admin Will Not Fall Journalist Friendzilla Donor Dex Contributor Iron Will

    I agree with the first one, although I'd probably suggest a bit more PT on it - possibly 100 HP / 90-95 Def?

    The second one seems very solid though, not many issues at all. Maybe slightly more attack though? It is supposed to do something in the battle as well as setup - possibly 120 Attack?

    I like the idea of having a physical setter, but really? 110-120 in all stats? That sounds far too broken when you consider if having near Cresselia's bulk combined with a great offence. On the second one, I like the idea, although we'd probably want to focus it more on Physical Attack, seeing as we already have a special setter in Galvantula (albeit bad). Defences seem decent though.

    Second all of this ^

    A little less bulk IMO, possibly 110/100/90-95 sounds good to me. Maybe slightly less Speed as well, but the offences work.
  7. notsoclutch

    notsoclutch Rare Breed Staff Member Admin Let It Reign Battler Donor

    Is this still a thing?
  8. Matt_192

    Matt_192 Official Server Crasher Staff Member Admin Will Not Fall Journalist Friendzilla Donor Dex Contributor Iron Will

    Yeah it's still a thing, I've been meaning to reply but never really had the time xD

    We should probably have more discussion but it needs more participation IMO. Advertising this thread would probably be best for now. All my other thoughts are in my previous post - got anything to add, clutch? :p

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