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Discussion in 'Buy/Sell Perfect Pokémon' started by Disturb4nce, Oct 15, 2017.

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    Hello. Minimum prices for Pokemon/Item/Service is 60 PC each.

    To clarify, minimum cost for every Pokemon traded is 60 PC.

    For example a customer bought an IV, EV and Level up service to 1 of his Pokemon then the minimum price is 60 PC because 1 Pokemon is traded.
    If the customer wants an IV change to his Charmander and Level up service to his Squirtle, then the minimum cost is 120 PC because there are 2 Pokemon traded.
    The same applies to cloning, 2 cloned Pokemon traded should be at least 120 PC (2 clones x 60 PC)

    If you want to make deals and promotions like the other sellers, then keep in mind the 60 PC minimum.

    For example a buy 5 get 1 free deal should cost at least 360 PC total (60 x 6 Pokemon traded = 360).

    Also, just to be clear. 60 PC is the site minimum price, not the required price to sell in the site. Feel free to sell more than 60 PC if you wish.

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