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FT FT: Pokeball Vivillon, 2 Cap Pikachus, XY Event Torchic w/ Speed Boost.

Discussion in 'Trade Pokémon' started by spiderwuff, Jan 31, 2018.

  1. spiderwuff

    spiderwuff Youngster Joey

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    I have 2 pokeball vivillons, 2 cap pikas (1 ‘I choose you’ cap & 1 Alola cap), and the event torchic from X and Y with the speed boost ability for trade for either a shiny pichu, pikachu, or Alolan raichu. I also have a shiny hippowdon and a shiny chandelure for trade too. I’m willing to offer multiples of these for trade. The pichu, pikachu, or A-raichu HAS to be nicknamed though. I like pokemon that are nicknamed; it gives them more character.

    Please reply if interested. C:
  2. JSD

    JSD Youngster Joey

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    I could possibly get you a shiny pichu maybe if i have time to chain it.

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