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FT: Shiny Toxapex And competitive mons, LF: Shiny Beldum

Discussion in 'Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon' started by BL4ZE, Dec 22, 2016.

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    Dec 22, 2016
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    So obtaining a shiny beldum has become sort of a obsession for me. Ive tried everything and have had no luck on my own. So ive decided to throw a handful of mons up for trade and see if i get any bites. I will consider all offers however a beldum is my end goal. Thanks all and I look forward to trading with you soon.

    FT: shiny Toxapex, lvl 37, move set, poison Spike cannon, toxic, venoshock, toxic spikes
    Ot: Bushy
    ID : 918872
    Alert to sounds
    Ability: Merciless
    Judge : above average potential
    Region : U.S
    Nature : Timid

    Ft: Competitive Mons

    Near perfect Rowlet 5x31 1x30, lvl 1 , , move set Tackle , Leafage
    Ot: Jose Luis
    ID : 151076
    Takes plenty of siestas
    Ability : overgrow
    Judge : outstanding potential
    Region : Spa
    Nature: Adamant

    Near perfect Incineroar 5x31 1x30 lvl 40, , move set Ember , fire fang, Thrash, Darkest Lariat
    Ot: FOOD
    ID : 685224
    Takes plenty of siestas
    Ability: Blaze
    Judge : outstanding potential
    Region: U.S
    Nature: Jolly

    Wishiwashi 5x31 lvl 38 , moveset Aqua Tail, Aqua Ring, Brine, Beat up
    Ot: K o e d a
    ID: 308351
    Takes plenty of siestas
    Ability: Schooling
    Judge : outstanding potential
    Region: CHT
    Nature; Careful

    Beast ball Magnezone, 5x31 lvl 34 moveset Tre attack. Flash Cannon, Thunder wave, Magnet Bomb
    Ot; solia
    Id: 743313
    Capable of taking hits
    Ability : Magnet pull
    Judge : outstanding potential
    Region: US
    Nature : Modest

    Also Available
    Near Perfect Sandygast 5x31 1x29-30
    5x31 Litten
    5x31 Vanillite
    4x31 Gabite
    4x31 Oranguru
    2x Vulpix 3x31
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