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Discussion in 'Buy/Sell Pokémon' started by Gin(Alex), Sep 7, 2018.

  1. Gin(Alex)

    Gin(Alex) Youngster Joey

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    Hello, Welcome to my shop.
    I offer only legitimate pokemon.

    Shop open:
    8am-4pm EST

    Rules of my shop:
    1. Be nice to me and other patrons.
    2. All prices are final.
    3. All sales are final.
    4. At this time I do not offer shiny breeding.
    5. All prices are for 1 pokemon a peice.
    6. I have the right to refuse to breed any pokemon I feel would be too difficult or impossible for me to breed. If that happens I will ask one of the mods for recommendations for breeders that could do it.

    1. Eggs- 60PC

    2. 0-3 IV, Nature and 1-2 egg moves- 60PC

    3. 4-5 IV, Nature, HA and 1-4 egg moves- 100PC

    4. Battle ready/Competition ready- 1,200-4,000PC (depends on the difficulty and rarity)

    (If buying more than one of prices 3+4, I will throw in 1 to 2 pokemon free. Prices 1+2 depending on stock I will include free items. All at my discretion.)

    Message me here or on Discord to discuss what you want.
    Discord: @AlexandriaFlareon
  2. Gin(Alex)

    Gin(Alex) Youngster Joey

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    Shop: Closed

    Opens: 8am tomorrow

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