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Discussion in 'Introduction' started by Firestorm, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. Firestorm

    Firestorm Youngster Joey

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    You can call me Rasheed or Firestorm either one is fine. A little bit about me: My first every pokemon game was pokemon diamond I instantly fell in love with the series and been playing ever since.But i didn't start breding and battling untill x and y.But it was difficult to find trading parnters since my friends don't play pokemon and the gts is a complete rip-off. So i searched for an online trading fourm and then I stumbled across this place and it seem like a nice website with an active community and the rest is history.
  2. True Blue

    True Blue Youngster Joey

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    Welcome Rasheed, I hope you enjoy your stay here. Honestly I think this is the friendliest community I've come across online. We may be small in numbers but we are like a family. You got the brothers and sisters you see everyday, and then you got the cousins like me that drop by from time to time lol.

    That's one awesome looking Houndoom pic btw, one of my favorite pokemon. :)

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