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I need a Rayquaza

Discussion in 'Trade Pokémon' started by RichMamba, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. RichMamba

    RichMamba Youngster Joey Team Elite

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    I need a rayquaza, i would be willing to trade: any of my starter pokemon, a lvl 100 rotom, lvl 66 gengar, togekiss, salamence & some other. please help me out!

    FC: 4141-2748-0339

    IGN: Rich
  2. rambo64bit

    rambo64bit Youngster Joey

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    do you have a groudon
  3. CosmikDiamondz

    CosmikDiamondz Pokémon Trainer

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    if you have a hidden ability espurr i'll give you a rayquaza...that's shiny

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