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Ideas on who to add to my team!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Strategy Guides' started by 2DTheBeast, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. 2DTheBeast

    2DTheBeast Youngster Joey

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    Hey, I'm wondering if someone can give me some insight on what Pokemon I should add to my team. Keep in mind I'm not into a whole lot of competitive play, but I do play against my friends.My current team that I intend on using is Gengar, Suicune, Tyranitar, & Garchomp now those are the 4 Pokemon I have in my team, now my dilemma is I can't seem to find 2 other good Pokemon to add to this team can someone give me some ideas?

    P.S If my team of 4 don't work right off the bat can someone let me know please.
  2. notsoclutch

    notsoclutch Rare Breed Staff Member Admin Let It Reign Battler Donor

    For someone not into competitive, you certainly picked some powerful Pokemon. I'd honestly focus on filling out some types you are weak against. You'll probably want a clefable to support your suicune with heal bell and maybe wish while also being good against fighting types that your team otherwise struggles against (most fighting types run knock off). Then I'd look to maybe get a steel type. Scizor, Lucario, Metagross, Ferrothorn.
  3. AdamC

    AdamC Youngster Joey

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    I would add an excadrill it pairs with garchomp perfectly get a good sand storm going, plus he has three beastly ability's seriously give him a look.

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