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Infinite Ditto; Great for SOS chaining.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon' started by Katattack522, Dec 3, 2016.

  1. Katattack522

    Katattack522 Youngster Joey

    For those who are hunting for the best breeding or shiny Ditto, it can be tedious, because Ditto has a limited amount of PP of the moves it learns.

    But what if I told you there is a way to get your Ditto to never run out of moves when you're doing the SOS battles.

    All you need is;

    A Pokemon with "Recycle"
    A Pokemon with "Switcheroo"
    A Smeargle with only 1 "Sketch"
    A *Pokemon with False Swipe
    An Adrenaline Orb
    A Leppa Berry
    *Optional* A Pokemon that can KO in one hit, and not have a move that attacks everyone on the field.

    First you need a Pokemon with "Recycle" , and go find a low level Smeargle, and let him Sketch the move Recycle, and catch him.

    Then you need a Pokemon that knows switcheroo, and give them a Leppa Berry.

    Now you go Ditto hunting.

    Let Ditto transform into the Smeargle that knows Recycle, then switch Pokemon to the Pokemon that knows Switcheroo, thus giving him the Leppa berry, then Switch out to your Pokemon that knows False Swipe, and finally use an Adrenaline Orb.

    When ever your Ditto goes through the 5 PP of Recycle, it will use the Leppa Berry restoring it's PP, and then use Recycle to get the Leppa Berry back.

    And thus, you have an Infinite Ditto.

    **Please note; Don't use a Pokemon that attacks everyone on the field, in case a Ditto with Impostor comes onto the field, or you will lose your Infinite Ditto.
    ** Also, in case of a Impostor Ditto, make sure your attacking Pokemon has something like quick claw, so it doesn't attack first.
  2. Taylorthechainer

    Taylorthechainer Pokémon Trainer

    Thanks for writing this up I got my shiny 4 IV (other 2 were 30 how sad) doing this.

    A thing to note is that instead of switcheroo you can use a trick pokemon. This is beneficial for those who have use poke pelago and gotten a kadabra.
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  3. Katattack522

    Katattack522 Youngster Joey

    Awesome. Thanks for the additional info..

    How long did it take to get your Shiny? I'm on 87 right now. I'm torn between waiting for a shiny, or an HA with great speed. lol
  4. Taylorthechainer

    Taylorthechainer Pokémon Trainer

    My Ditto was very very far. It was in the 800s S: but ive seen people get ally shiny chain in like 30s.

    Gl and happy hunting! Just another thing to note, I believe all allys after a certain point have 4 IVs so its possible to get a shiny imposter with great speed ;)

    Currently im hunting for my shiny staryu!

    still sad they got rid of the old poke-radar from gen 4 mades it easy to get a shiny + every hour #rip but yay for ability to chain water pokemon!
  5. Katattack522

    Katattack522 Youngster Joey

    Yes, ty.
    I heard after a chain of 40 they're almost guarantee 4 IVs. Which I've did this last night, and got a 4 IV after 42 so it looks like it's true..

    Also your chances increase to get the HA too (which is what I got)
    SO far, in under 100 allies, I've gotten 8 HAs..
  6. Taylorthechainer

    Taylorthechainer Pokémon Trainer

    ya ive gotten a bunch of HAs in 100. Imposter ditto is easy to see, a lot of time i get 2 in a row.

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