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Closed Layla personal shopper: Custom Competitive shinies/Events/items

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell Perfect Pokémon' started by Layla Serizawa, Aug 27, 2017.

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    Custom Competitive shinies/Events/items

    For the events

    the price is 80 pc for events with proof 6th gen, 100pc for events 7th gen with proof and 60pc for events without proof.
    Here the list:

    For items:

    All the item in Sun/Moon, OR/AS, X/Y are sold for 60pc x5 items
    Megastones in sun and moon are sold for 60pc x3

    For the custom shinies:

    I'll breed the pokemon you wish.
    I'll chech the egg shiny value.
    I'll find a trainer with the tsv = esv
    I'll trade you your custom shiny


    Additional infos:

    Cost: 60pc for pokèmon with nature + 5IVs
    +20pc if female rating is <50%
    +10pc for 1 eggmove (4 eggmoves 30pc)
    +10 if 6IVs
    +30 if particular iv like spe 0iv
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