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Open Looking for Double Battle

Discussion in 'Request a Battle' started by Honey Smacks, Jan 10, 2016.

  1. Honey Smacks

    Honey Smacks Youngster Joey

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    Looking for 6v6 Double battle, most of the pokemon I will be using will be over level 75 ish so if you wanna battle:
    FC: 1607-3345-3780
    IGN: Honey Smacks
  2. Blakey

    Blakey Youngster Joey

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    Friend Code : (3454 - 4189 - 3234)
    Name: Blakey
    Hey! I'd love to battle. My FC and Name are above. My Battle box is full of lvl 100 pokemon. It is a nice double battle team. Please add me if interested.
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