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FT Looking for event legendaries

Discussion in 'Trade Pokémon' started by Renzlo Hebron, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. Renzlo Hebron

    Renzlo Hebron Youngster Joey

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    Im looking for event legendaries (mew, keldeo, arceus, etc) especially jirachi to complete my hoenn pokedex (trying to get oval charm). Willing to trade multiple pokes depending on what pokemon. I am also willing to breed you a battle ready 6IV pokemon as long as it is obtainable within XY/ORAS/SuMo. Most of these I capture myself, some i got from trade. These are the pokes i am willing to trade:

    Pokemon ORAS

    Regigigas (Adamant)
    Entei (Adamant)
    Heatran (Timid)
    Virizion (Jolly)
    Mesprit (Timid)
    Regice (Modest)
    Regirock (Impish)
    Registeel (Calm)
    Kyurem (Timid)

    Pokemon Sun/Moon

    Shiny Camerupt 6IV (Modest)
    Shiny Conkeldurr 6IV (Adamant)
    Shiny Reuniclus 6IV (Bold)
    Shiny Gengar (Timid)
    Greninja-Ash (Timid)
    Nihilego (Timid)
    Buzzwole (Adamant)
    Celesteela (Relaxed)
    Kartana X3 (Jolly)
    Pheromosa X2 (Naughty)
    Xurkitree X4 (Timid)
    Solgaleo (Adamant)
    Lunala (Modest)
    Tapu Koko (Timid)

    These are all EV trained and on correct nature. (I base my build on smogon)

    BTW I need legit ones since im gonna use it online. Tnx in advance.
  2. elite64

    elite64 Youngster Joey

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    I've got an event jirachi if you want to trade for the celesteela

    FC: 2252-0203-6807

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