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Discussion in 'Request a Battle' started by Blakey, Jan 30, 2016.

  1. Blakey

    Blakey Youngster Joey

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    So, its getting kinda boring posting my FC and Name around for people to add me and Battle. And we all know its Hell trying to find people to Multi Battle with.
    So here it is one last time.

    Friend Code : (3454 - 4189 - 3234)
    Name: Blakey
    Hey! I'd love to battle. My FC and Name are above. My Battle box is full of lvl 100 pokemon. It is a nice double battle team. Please add me if interested.

    If you add me here, please reply with your Friend Code AND your Name. I will add you and we can continue to play and battle.
  2. Chanse

    Chanse Youngster Joey

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    I would definately be interested in this.
  3. Honey Smacks

    Honey Smacks Youngster Joey

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    Would you be interested in taking me on? Gimme your all, my FC is in my signature.

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