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Mythical and legendary pokemon

Discussion in 'Trade Pokémon' started by Vegeta11, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. Vegeta11

    Vegeta11 Youngster Joey

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    I have GF manaphy
    GF jirachi
    Win2013 keldeo
    GF celebi
    Shiny mew
    Lv 74 solgaleo
    Lv 100 rotom
    XYZ Xerneas
    XYZ Zygarde with power construct
    XYZ yveltal
    Lv 100 rayquaza
    Lv 100 Ho-oh
    SPR2012 reshiram
    GF manaphy

    I'm particularly interested in diancie and darkrai but I also take marshadow.

    I'll also consider other trade offers as well
  2. Orangelink420

    Orangelink420 Youngster Joey

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    Marshado for genesect
  3. Bavo

    Bavo Youngster Joey

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    I have shiny infernape and medicham for the mew

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