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Need help from a generous person!

Discussion in 'Trade Pokémon' started by GlitchTown, Jul 14, 2017.

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    So here's the story:

    My sister had a Sun and Moon New 3DS with Pokemon Sun a while back. Long story short, she had LOADS of shinies. some of which I've given her. Anyways, a traumatic experience occurred which took all of this from her. He apartment was robbed; everything stolen from her. Gone. Hundreds of dollars lost; this including her 3DS with Sun in it. She poured at least $100 alone on the game, not including the 3DS and the game. The cops were no help.

    Months have passed and she finally, painfully worked up the courage and money to buy another 3DS. She only has Pokemon Y.

    My question is that is there anyone out there who can trade me shinies on ORAS (My game to trade to her) or Y (her game) I have absolutely no problem giving one of my shinies on Moon to compensate.

    I hate to sound petty and all but my sister and me are both broken up. Thank you all so much

    Please message me on Kik for faster and easier messaging: StevenStone_GG

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