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New VGC Challenge - Sinnoh Classic

Discussion in 'Competitive Battling' started by Marc, Jul 3, 2016.

  1. Marc

    Marc Pokémon Champion Dex Contributor

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    So far we have had the Kanto Classic and the Johto Classic so I guess that it made sense for the Sinnoh Classic to be on the list.

    You can sign up for the campaign between 14th July and 21st July! The actual event runs from the 22nd and should be a blast!

    Despite giving us a choice of 496 pokemon to choose from (which do not need to have the blue pentagon!) the restriction list is quite large.

    The prize should be worth the participation though! Cynthia's Garchomp.

    Lv. 66
    OT: Cynthia
    Ability: Sand Veil
    Moves: Dragon Rush, Brick Break, Giga Impact, Earthquake

    What will you be bringing to the competition?

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