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ORAS VGC Tierlist needs to be Updated

Discussion in 'Competitive Battling' started by Dreadpool, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. Dreadpool

    Dreadpool Youngster Joey

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    The VGC Tierlist on the stickied ORAS Tier thread needs to be updated.
    Season 14 VGC16 Rules have been released and the ones posted on this forum are outdated.
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  2. Element Of Smash

    Element Of Smash Unslaad Krongrah Donor

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    I agree. I've been using BattleSpot to try and acclimate myself to the new and drastically different meta. I have been met with very limited success. Unfortunately, as we have yet to update a tier list, I haven't been able to find an exceptional opportunity to battle and create potential feedback. This kinda defeated the point of my entering Egged. Hence...I didn't.

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