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Pokedex Editing Team!

Discussion in 'Rules and Suggestions' started by KitaVonKanada, Oct 1, 2015.

  1. SimplySA

    SimplySA Youngster Joey

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  2. Matt_192

    Matt_192 Official Server Crasher Staff Member Admin Will Not Fall Journalist Friendzilla Donor Dex Contributor Iron Will

    Link for what exactly? :confused:
  3. ~Kawaii_Pikachu~

    ~Kawaii_Pikachu~ Pokémon Trainer

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    I'm interested! I'm a competitive player, even though I don't join competitions -w- (I always play in the Battle Spot)
    I have a high knowledge of Pokémon(I research on them apparently) and I would like to learn more about Pokémon in joining the team. That way, I would know on what moveset to use on the Pokémon :)
  4. WSawyer

    WSawyer Pokémon Champion Will Not Fall Donor

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    Let me know if more help is needed after the Sun and Moon release :)
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  5. Saraceaser

    Saraceaser Pokémon Champion

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    I would also like to help with Sun and Moon! It sounds like it'll be interesting to do~:D
  6. VSGamer

    VSGamer Youngster Joey

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    Submitted my ticket... and after a while, still no response. T_T
  7. Cheza

    Cheza Fabulous Fruit Staff Member Admin Team Elite Will Not Fall Trusted Seller Badge Smaug Journalist Friendzilla Donor

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    The tickets will most likely be reviewed sometime after Sun and Moon comes out :)

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