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Pokemon go, thoughts on server side patch that stops pokemon from spawning at certain speeds.

Discussion in 'Pokemon Go' started by Hazama, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. Hazama

    Hazama Pokémon Champion Trusted Seller Badge Team Ouroboros

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    With a recent server side patch Niantic made it so pokemon stop spawning after 30mph, which makes sense but a lot of the players do play in the passenger seat. I do feel like it is effective to stop people who did play while they are driving, but punishes players who want to play in the passenger seat by not being able to catch anything.I do understand that Niantic wants people to explore the world on foot, look at interesting landmarks, but a lot of people who are busy with other things play in the car, as a passenger. I do play the game by walking around and going places, but I know this effects a lot of players so I wanted to bring it up. What do you guys think about this change?
  2. The DJD

    The DJD Pokémon Trainer Team Elite

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    Meh, I don't even play it. All I do is spoof, considering the city I live in has next to no stops.
  3. Monique

    Monique Youngster Joey

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    I go for long walks so it doesn't really affect me, but this is a very poor change on Niantic's part and is alienating a lot of players. Namely players that can only play during their commute to/from work/school, and also disabled players who struggle with walking.
  4. Nazmi15

    Nazmi15 Youngster Joey

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    we need battles and trading
  5. Bigbubbles

    Bigbubbles Youngster Joey

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    Im surprised that gen 2 still isnt out or even trading :(
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