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Pokemon Go Unlimited incense/Lucky Egg Time Glitch

Discussion in 'Pokemon Go' started by Miles8088, Jul 14, 2016.

  1. Miles8088

    Miles8088 Top Kek Champion Will Not Fall Trusted Seller Badge Journalist Friendzilla Donor

    Sup guys! It's been a while since I made a post but I figured you all would want to know about this. There is currently a glitch where if you start an incense/lucky egg and then turn your devices time back you can keep resetting it to 30 minutes. This is amazing for people who can't afford a lot of pokecoins or are stuck in a rural pokestopless area. However, I strongly advise against abusing the glitch too much and definitely against going over the 30 cap as this could result in negative side effects or a ban.

    I posted a video on my YT with a quick walkthrough on how to do this but if you followed the first paragraph and already know how to change your settings then you should already be good :) \
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  2. doulie

    doulie King of the Ring Staff Member Admin

    Insane, yea this is getting patched soon. Till then my phone time is going to be messed up.
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  3. samarthupadhayay

    samarthupadhayay Pokémon Trainer

    Dude this don't work niantic have their own time clock u know [emoji52]

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  4. doulie

    doulie King of the Ring Staff Member Admin

    You're right. I forgot to update this thread. But this doesn't work. If your phone time is out of sync with Niantic's server time for your region... you won't be able to catch pokes and look stops.
  5. Beck

    Beck Who is Beck? Trusted Seller Badge Donor

    Does that explain why I constantly am unable to view Pokestops/Gyms? My phone's a few minutes off.
  6. doulie

    doulie King of the Ring Staff Member Admin

    Try setting your phone's date and time to automatic, that should solve it.

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