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Pokemon X Nuzlocke - Optional Rules Question

Discussion in 'Nuzlocke Adventures' started by Nonny, Sep 26, 2015.

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    Hey, guys!

    I've started a Pokemon X Nuzlocke challenge, and I want to make sure the difficulty is tough but balanced for me. So these are the rules I'm following:

    - Any poke on my team who faints, dies. In other words, I have to release it or permanently box it. (I'll be boxing them for recording purposes.)

    - I can only catch the first poke I encounter in any location. If I fail to capture it, too bad. [Dupe clause: I can ignore ONE encounter per route if I already own a poke in that encounter's evolutionary line.]

    - Battle style is SET. The default style is SWITCH, where whenever I defeat an opponent's Pokemon, the game will tell me what poke they'll be sending out next and let me switch along with the opponent. That option no longer appears.

    - No Exp. Share, no Super Training, and no Day Care.

    Here's the optional rule I haven't set yet.

    Pokemon Amie is allowed, but to reflect that it takes time to form bonds with my pokes, I can't just max out my hearts right away. To start with, I cannot use Pokemon Amie with any pokes at all.

    - I get one heart for a certain Pokemon whenever I have spent ten levels with it. (For example, if I catch a Level 8 Psyduck, I can increase its affection by one heart when it reaches Level 18, another at Level 28, etc.)

    - I get one heart for a certain Pokemon whenever it actively participates in a gym battle (assuming it doesn't die).

    - The fifth (final) heart counts as two hearts. In other words, if I have a Pokemon with 4 affection hearts who "earns" one more heart, I cannot bring it to five affection hearts until it "earns" another one.

    What do you guys think? Should I increase the number of levels it takes to go up a heart? Should I do away with the levels? Should I put in a different "heart get" condition (e.g., the poke evolves or helps me complete certain plot battles)?

    [NOTE: I have already started, but I haven't reached the first gym yet. According to my current Pokemon Amie rule, none of my pokes are eligible to obtain any hearts yet.]
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