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Closed Ryan's Super Market

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell in game items' started by Ryan93wku, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. Ryan93wku

    Ryan93wku Youngster Joey

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    You name it we got and if we don't... we'll get it in for you.

    Any in-game item including breeding items, berries, competitive battling items, mega stones. All for 60 PC.

    *Don't waste your time trying to steal a Black Sludge from a Grimer we already stole it and ready to sell it.
    *Don't hope you get lucky picking through berry trees. We already picked what you need.
    *Don't spend your time grinding through the Battle Tree or Surfing on Mantine we can get you everything you need from the shops for a low price of 60 PC an item.

    *Friend Code - 3626-0714-3463
  2. UnrulliTarulli

    UnrulliTarulli Youngster Joey

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    Do you have a shiny charm?

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