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Closed Selling shiny Silvally codes

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell Pokémon' started by Libby, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. Libby

    Libby Youngster Joey

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    For 100 pc I'm selling the US event shinny Silvally codes. In order to get your shiny Silvally these codes must be entered by February 13, 2018 and can only be used in pokemin sun or moon. Each code can only be used once. None of these codes have been used.

    Shiny: Yes
    Level: 100
    Ability: RKS Systen
    Held Item: Gold bottle cap
    Moves: mulit-attack, parting shot, punishment, scary face
  2. agz6

    agz6 Youngster Joey

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    I can offer 92 pc if your still selling these.

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