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Discussion in 'Competitive Battling' started by Dom, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. tmbate

    tmbate Pokémon Champion Donor

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    Cnzw wwww wwxu f9b3

    Vs Ace Breeder Brock
  2. ericashes

    ericashes Moderator Staff Member Mod Will Not Fall Journalist Dex Contributor

  3. SoIidSmok3

    SoIidSmok3 Naughty

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  4. BlackLagoon

    BlackLagoon Youngster Joey

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    Congrats on your well deserved victory again, Solid!
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  5. doulie

    doulie King of the Ring Staff Member Admin

    Whats your vs code for the match? i will like to have both perspectives
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  6. Wooper

    Wooper Pokémon Trainer

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    I've got a hillarious showdown one from a year ago where i sweep with a luvdisc ill post it when i find a link
  7. Loli-Shark

    Loli-Shark Pokémon Champion Will Not Fall

    My first round battle against Batmanrises: 6RBG-WWWW-WW2N-Q695
  8. AdamC

    AdamC Youngster Joey

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    1 Ou VS 1 Uber and 5 OU
    Excadrill sweep let me know what you think.
    Will be trying more 1v6 soon
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2016

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