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Closed Shinify pokemon?

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell Pokémon' started by sherbear778, Jun 24, 2018.

  1. sherbear778

    sherbear778 Youngster Joey

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    I'm offering up to 2,000 credits to anyone who can shinify the pokemon that I've already caught. There's 25 pokemon I want to make shiny; a list of them is below. Also if anyone has a shiny moltres they would like to throw in maybe for a little extra that would be awesome

    (Abomasnow, Gardevoir, Lickilicky, Leavanny, Gliscor, Lugia, Lurantis, Alakazam, Electivire, Haxorus, Mantine, pyukumuku, vileplume, Heliolisk, magmortar, mewtwo, xerneas, wailord, snorlaw, charizard, greninja, raichu, talonfalme, lucario, and tyrantrum

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