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FT Shiny lvl 100 Mew!!

Discussion in 'Trade Pokémon' started by UnrulliTarulli, Apr 7, 2018.

  1. UnrulliTarulli

    UnrulliTarulli Youngster Joey

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    I just got a Lvl 100 shiny new and I am either trading it for something or selling it. Msg me offers
  2. Guillermo

    Guillermo Youngster Joey

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    What do you want for it? Whats the nature and IV's?
  3. Jessica1986

    Jessica1986 Youngster Joey

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    I have shiny celebi or shiny regigigas
  4. KaylaMonkey

    KaylaMonkey Youngster Joey

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    Hey :)

    I've been wanting mew for ages! If you're willing to trade, what would you like for it? I've only got a few of legendary Pokémon and a couple of shiny ones.

    Raikou lv 100
    Zygarde lv 60
    Dialga lv 100 (with pokerus)
    Heatran lv 100 (with pokerus)
    Mewtwo lv 73
    Regigigas lv 86 (with pokerus)
    Celebi lv 81 (with pokerus)
    Palkia lv 86 (with pokerus)
    Entei lv 60
    Meloetta lv 100 (with pokerus)
    Necrozma lv 70 (with pokerus)

    Shiny Combee lv 100
    Shiny Sigilyph lv 82 (with pokerus)
    Shiny Gyarados lv 76 (with pokerus)

    Please let me know :)

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