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Trade Completed Shiny Sharm

Discussion in 'Trade for Pokémon Items' started by TailsNut1992, Jul 17, 2016.

  1. TailsNut1992

    TailsNut1992 Youngster Joey

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    Looking for Shiny Sharm ill trade you Master Ball
    reply before you add me

    Friend code : 0619-4675-3982
  2. WSawyer

    WSawyer Pokémon Champion Will Not Fall Donor

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    Unfortunately the Shiny Charm is a Key Item, and is therefore untradeable...
  3. Valkyries Dawn

    Valkyries Dawn Youngster Joey

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    You have to complete pokedex to get shiny charm. Some legendary pokemon do not count towards the completion of the dex so you could technically get the charm without completely filling the dex

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