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Active Suggestion - Omit PC from titles of stores

Discussion in 'Rules and Suggestions' started by Krelbit, Nov 23, 2016.

  1. Krelbit

    Krelbit Guest

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    We should have a rule to not let people put any PC amounts into the titles of their stores because the only thing it encourages is undercutting.

    The major sellers of this site have taken the initative to not put titles in their stores to counter the fast depreciation of prices.

    Of course, this wouldn't be in place for short term sales, just the long term vendors that determine prices in the long run.

    @doulie @Cheza Thoughts?

    I know @Chaos may want to get a word in with this as well.
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  2. pplzdude

    pplzdude Just A Nice Guy Staff Member Mod Trusted Seller Badge Donor

    I think this is a pretty good idea.
  3. Matt_192

    Matt_192 Official Server Crasher Staff Member Admin Will Not Fall Journalist Friendzilla Donor Dex Contributor Iron Will

    You didn't tag me but oh well.

    I definitely agree with this. It encourages people to buy from trusted sellers more than just 'oh, this person costs less - they must be better.'
  4. Cheza

    Cheza Fabulous Fruit Staff Member Admin Team Elite Will Not Fall Trusted Seller Badge Smaug Journalist Friendzilla Donor

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    Yeah, definitely not a bad idea, it has been working out nicely for the top sellers recently. I find it is creating more cooperation between sellers not using prices in their titles, rather than creating unnecessary competition and undercutting. It also makes the buyers check out the different shops, offers from sellers, instead of just checking the title for the cheapest prices.
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  5. Chaos

    Chaos Combo Breaker Staff Member Mod Trusted Seller Badge Smaug Friendzilla Donor

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    It's working for us and people go to shops based on our availability. 10/10
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