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Sun Moon Island-locke Challenge (Nuzlocke variation)

Discussion in 'Nuzlocke Adventures' started by texextra, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. texextra

    texextra Youngster Joey

    OK so this concept is still a little rough around the edges — the idea is to tweak the Nuzlocke rules to fit the format of SM's adventure, which takes place on a series of 4 islands.

    Usually you can catch the first Pokemon you see on any given route.

    What I'm proposing for an Island-Locke: you can catch up to 2 Pokemon per island (this number could be increased if it turns out to be too low, I'm thinking the maximum would be 4 though?) —
    Some means of balancing this could be to ditch 'first encounter per area' clause, and allow trainers the chance to see say 2 or 3 Pokemon — with the second or third appearance being their final chance.

    In essence what I want from the Island-locke is to treat each island as an individual area, an adapt the standard first encounter clause to work around this.

    So, what are your thoughts? Would you try a challenge like this? If not, why not, and what adjustments to the rules do you think would make it work? Interested to hear feedback, come to an agreed set of rules, and try an Island-locke run out with a few people if anyone is interested.

    Let me know what you think!

    ^ )

    The number of Pokemon per island could be capped at 4, with 2-3 being regular encounters, and the other 1-2 being Island Scan catches?

    Be great to hear some thoughts on this format : )
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  2. LucaYasha

    LucaYasha Pokémon Trainer

    One thing I did during my first run through of sun was to ONLY use gen7 pokemon, so perhaps a Gen7-Locke (Would include Alola forms). So perhaps on each route or town you have a 3 encounter window to encounter and catch a Gen7 pokemon, if you dont you can get anything else on that route? As for species and dupes clause u can chose to catch or try again for something else but risk over worth. An example could be the forest, u want one of the monkeys (oranguru/passimian) which have a low encounter but on the 2nd encounter u get morelull, u have the choice to catch he morelull or risk that the 3rd encounter will be one of the monkeys.
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  3. texextra

    texextra Youngster Joey

    Funny, I did a g7-locke on my first run through as well! Only Alola forms and new mons allowed — didn't set an encounter window limit and allowed myself to skip repeats maximising the variety of my experience — still got wiped out by the third totem!

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