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Discussion in 'Buy/Sell Perfect Pokémon' started by ZSG Collector, Oct 19, 2017.

  1. ZSG Collector

    ZSG Collector Youngster Joey

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    Welcome to The Collector's Emporium!

    I'll be simple and to the point: I may or may not have the cheapest deals or most diverse services, but I pride myself on customer satisfaction! I will work with you every step of the way to make sure you have a positive experience with my humble store! So let's get on with why you're here shall we?


    Custom Pokemon

    X & Y / Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire / Sun & Moon

    PC Chart2.png

    (Limit 30 Pokemon per order. If you want more, you may submit a new order afterwards.)
    NOTE: If you wish to buy a different amount, simply state in the order form and I will give you the price.
    If you do this however, each pokemon will cost 75 PC as a base price.

    • 6IV Foreign Ditto (Shiny/Non-Shiny, You pick nature, With Destiny Knot.) - 80 PC
    • All 25 Natures 6IV Foreign Ditto Bundle (With Destiny Knots.) - 1500 PC
    • Shiny Hunting Smeargle (Make how you want for S.O.S chaining in SuMo.) - 75 PC

    Game?: X/Y | OR/AS | Su/Mo
    How many pokemon?: 1 - 30

    Pokemon (Optional Nickname) (M/F) @ Item
    Is it bred?: (Yes/No) [If yes, will cost 10 PC extra]
    EVs: 0 HP / 0 Atk / 0 Def / 0 SpA / 0 SpD / 0 Spe
    IVs: 1-31 HP / 1-31 Atk / 1-31 Def / 1-31 SpA / 1-31 SpD / 1-31 Spe
    Shiny: Yes/No
    - Move1
    - Move2
    - Move3
    - Move4

    (You may also copy/paste Smogon or Showdown Sets.)


    Other Services
    • Modify A Pokemon: 60 PC Each Mon
    • I can change:
    1. Pokemon's: IVs
    2. Pokemon's: EVs
    3. Pokemon's: Gender
    4. Pokemon's: Nature
    5. Pokemon's: Ability
    6. Pokemon's: Level
    7. Pokemon's: Move-set
    8. Pokerus (Yes/No)
    9. Shiny/Not Shiny
    10. Pokeball Caught In

    Pokemon Name:
    Specify what it is that you wish for me to change.

    ITEMS: 60 PC Each
    (Any trade-able items only)
    (Mega Stones cost 5 PC extra each.)

    How many? (Multiples of 6):
    List Items.

    CLONING: 60 PC Each Mon.
    (For example, want to clone 6 Blaziken: 60 PC * 6 = 360 Total.)

    Pokemon to Clone:
    How many clones?: 1 - 30.


    Additional Information

    You may PM me orders if you do not wish for them to be public.

    Once you place the order, I will give a rough estimate of the time it will take me to fill that order. As it is just an estimate, it may take more or less time, so please be considerate :)

    All first time orders of Custom Pokemon will receive 1 free custom pokemon the way they want it as a gift.

    Loyal Customers will receive discounts and maybe free items/pokemon as gifts!

    NOTICE: Any custom pokemon that you order must have legit sets/spreads/abilities/ect to be trade-able.

    MY FC: 0404 - 6214 - 0953
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  2. Chaos

    Chaos Combo Breaker Staff Member Mod Trusted Seller Badge Smaug Friendzilla Donor

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    Hello. Minimum prices for Pokemon/Item/Service is 60 PC each.

    To clarify, minimum cost for every Pokemon traded is 60 PC.

    For example a customer bought an IV, EV and Level up service to 1 of his Pokemon then the minimum price is 60 PC because 1 Pokemon is traded.
    If the customer wants an IV change to his Charmander and Level up service to his Squirtle, then the minimum cost is 120 PC because there are 2 Pokemon traded.
    The same applies to cloning, 2 cloned Pokemon traded should be at least 120 PC (2 clones x 60 PC = 120 PC)

    If you want to make deals and promotions like the other sellers, then keep in mind the 60 PC minimum.

    For example a buy 5 get 1 free deal should cost at least 360 PC total (60 x 6 Pokemon traded = 360).

    Also, just to be clear. 60 PC is the site minimum price, not the required price to sell in the site. Feel free to sell more than 60 PC if you wish.
  3. Samson2000

    Samson2000 Youngster Joey

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    So if i buy 30 do i get the discount?
  4. GlitterGummy

    GlitterGummy Youngster Joey

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    Heyo, could I get a 6IV Foreign Ditto and Shiny Hunting Smeargle?
  5. ZSG Collector

    ZSG Collector Youngster Joey

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    Yes, and sorry for late reply, my computer is in the process of being replaced. Though I need to know more information than that, like what game are they for, nature for the ditto, and basically everything for the Smeargle. Unless you want me to handle it and I'll give you the basic one that pretty much everyone uses. But yeah I need the info if you want them. It's 80 + 75 PC for both which is 155 PC but I'll make it an even 150 for ya.
  6. GlitterGummy

    GlitterGummy Youngster Joey

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    Oh it's no problem! I wanted to make sure you at least got the message.

    I would like both for Moon. I would like the Ditto to be shiny if that is okay, with an Adamant nature.

    As for the Smeargle, I would like it with Recover, Recycle, False Swipe, and Extreme Speed.

    Let me know if you need anymore information, I'm quite new to PerfectPokemon!
  7. ZSG Collector

    ZSG Collector Youngster Joey

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    Ok that's fine. Though for future reference, under the section you want to have a pokemon from, I have little spoiler boxes that are what need to be filled out, but since these are really simple and cookie cutter type pokemon I'll fit in the extra necessary details myself. I'll try to have it to you tomorrow (Saturday 11/10 around 2-11pm est) if that's alright.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017
  8. GlitterGummy

    GlitterGummy Youngster Joey

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    That's fine! Sorry for the trouble, just need to figure this whole thing out.
  9. ZSG Collector

    ZSG Collector Youngster Joey

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    I had the pokemon ready all day lol. Send me a dm or something so we can set a time.
  10. GlitterGummy

    GlitterGummy Youngster Joey

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    I recieved my Pokemon! Thank you ZSG, I will definitely purchase again sometime soon.
  11. ZSG Collector

    ZSG Collector Youngster Joey

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    Glad to be of service!

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