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The Nuzlocke Games

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    No Problem. Your next on the list, @Zakair
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    This next chapter was a little harder for me. There's a lot of dialogue. Please give me some feedback on it. Hope you like it. Chapter 3 almost done.

    Chapter 2: Gary’s Challenge and the Devastation that Followed

    Batman stepped out of the building and into the sunlight. There was no one but his mother outside waiting for him.

    “Batman, you were so brave.” She said, as she came over to give him a hug. Tears started forming in her eyes as she gave him a letter. He started to open his mouth to ask what it was, but his mother pointed to the envelope: “They can hear, but they can’t see this.”

    Batman nodded at his mother and gave her another hug. As their embrace ended, Batman’s mother held his arms and moved him out to arm’s length.

    “I believe in you, son. You can do this. Show them that you are strong. I will be watching for you on the news. I love you.”

    She gave him one quick kiss on the cheek and then turned and walked away.

    Batman stood there for a moment in shock. He looked down at the letter. He flipped it over to open it, but handwriting on the back made him pause: “Don’t open until you reach Viridian Forest.” He tucked the letter into his backpack and headed toward the edge of town. As he got close, he saw Gary was leaning against a tree right at the start of the route.

    “Hey, Batman, I was wondering when you’d get here. I thought we could have a battle to start with; just you’re Charmander and my Squirtle. Ready?” He said cheerfully, pulling out his pokéball with a glint in his eye. Batman pulled out his pokéball and looked down at it. “I go 2 minutes into my journey, and it could end right here,” he thought. Shaking a little, he tossed out his pokéball and Charmander popped out of the ball. He looked silently at his Charmander, marveling at the beautiful colors in the flames on its tail. He didn’t really want to have to fight with his Charmander right now, he wanted to spend time with him; be his friend. He didn’t have much choice though as Gary already had Squirtle standing in front of him.

    “I’m ready.” Batman said.

    “Good,” Gary replied, his face turning into a smile. “I’ve been waiting for this. Squirtle, tackle.” He said coldly.

    Before Squirtle could react, Batman quickly told his Charmander to scratch.

    The battle continued for a few minutes as Charmander and Squirtle exchanged blows. As the hits continued, both of them looked close to fainting. Batman just hoped that Charmander’s obviously faster speed would be enough to land that knock out hit first. As Charmander got off one more scratch, instead of tackling, Gary had Squirtle use Tail Whip. Batman panicked. He knew Charmander could not take much more and Gary had just lowered Charmander’s defense. Batman gave the order for a scratch. As the blow landed, Squirtle hit the ground, obviously fainted.

    “What!?” Gary screamed. Batman watched as he stared down at his Squirtle for a moment. Then, Gary looked up and said kindly, “I really thought I had you for a minute. Here, let me heal your Pokémon.” Before Batman could react, Gary had healed Charmander. “I wouldn’t want you to be beaten by a Pidgey before we get to battle again.” Gary smirked as he turned, put Squirtle back in his ball, and walked away. Batman could tell that Gary was furious, and knew that Gary could not wait for the chance to beat him in battle. They had always been rivals, and Gary’s privileged upbringing made him feel entitled to better battling skills. Gary always hated that Batman almost always had the upper hand in simulation battles through school. Batman knew he hadn’t seen the last of Gary.

    Batman looked down at his newly healed Charmander and the thoughtful frown quickly turned into a smile.

    “Good job,” Batman said, “I was worried for a minute, but you kept at it.”

    “Where am I?” the Charmander asked, “And what were those men putting in me?”

    Batman’s smile quickly faded. The joys of having one of his favorite Pokémon was quickly overshadowed with having to tell his Charmander that he will likely die.

    “Well,” Batman said, squirming a little as he thought of a way to say it without shocking him, “You are in Kanto, and those men were giving you an implant to check your vitals.”

    “Why would they need to do that?”

    “Well, you are my starter for this year’s Nuzlocke games.”

    Charmander turned his head to the side a little and his eyes pierced into Batman’s.

    “What is a Nuzlocke Game?”

    Batman was surprised. He knew that each starter was young, but he never thought that the Pokémon were thrown into the games without any knowledge of what was going on. His surprise turned quickly into fear and disgust as the Charmander continued to stare. He realized he was sent into a fight to the death with a child as a companion.

    “Charmander, we’re going to have to talk,” Batman said solemnly, “You and I are in danger. The Nuzlocke Games are an event held every year where 12 children from a region are picked to compete in a fight to the death with their Pokémon. I was picked as one of those children. All of my Pokémon have to have an implant like this one,” he said holding up the bag with the implants. “ If any of the Pokémon on my team faint, the implant kills them. Those men put one of those implants in you; and, if all of the Pokémon on my team faint, I have an implant that kills me as well.”

    The Charmander took a few steps back, tears in his eyes,

    “That’s horrible. Why did you pick me? You could have picked another Pokémon. You could have picked ANY other Pokémon.”

    Batman dropped his head to his chest. He had never imagined that this would be so hard. Getting a Pokémon was supposed to be a right of passage: a time for joy.

    “I didn’t want to have to pick any of you,” he said quietly, tears starting to fall as he looked up at the Charmander, “I didn’t want any of this either. I am sorry you have to suffer. I had to pick one; I had to choose. I would let you go if I could, but I can’t. They’ll kill you if I let you go. I’m so sorry.”

    The Charmander stood there, speechless, tears slowly falling. Batman wished he could comfort him somehow; tell him everything was ok; show him he cared; but, he knew that there was no way to help, he had put him in that position and there was nothing anyone can do to make that right.

    After a minute had passed, Batman spoke up,

    “How did you get here?”

    “I came from a daycare,” he said. “I was hatched, named, and put in a pokéball. I remember someone looking at me, telling my master something, then my master shaking his head and giving me back to the daycare. After that, I got here.”

    “So someone just gave you away?”

    “Yeah. I don’t know why. I was hoping someone would raise me. Now I have to fight alongside you. I don’t think I can do it. I don’t want to die.”

    Batman’s heart fell to the bottom of his stomach. He thought having a Charmander would be fun, he thought that despite this awful game, maybe a friendship could grow; maybe he could still be a good trainer. Now, he realized he would have to be his Pokémon’s friend by necessity. He couldn’t have a relationship built on trust: it would be a relationship built on survival.

    The Charmander was still crying softly, obviously confused. He was so young, that he obviously couldn’t help but cry.

    “Hey.” Batman spoke up, “What’s your name?”

    The Charmander looked up, “Strawmander.”

    “That’s a good name. I know this is hard, but we need to move forward if we are going to survive. That Pokémon you just fought, he and his trainer will be back for us soon. We have to be ready for them.”

    “I thought that fainted Pokémon in this game died.”

    They do, but Gary is from a prestigious family, his Pokémon won’t die when they faint.”

    Strawmander obviously looked worried at the news:

    “You mean no matter how many times we win, they will keep coming back?” “I’ll look after you, I promise. I will train you and together we will win this. Then you and I can be a real team, without having to worry about survival. Are you ready to go with me?”

    Batman held out the pokéball to Strawmander, who, after thinking for a moment, forced a small smile,

    “We’ll do it together,” he said, before going back into his pokéball.
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  3. May I name a pokemon that you catch?
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    Of course! I will let you know what I catch.
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    @Zakair I caught a Nidoran(male). What name would you like?
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    Zakair :D
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  8. Can you name the zubat "Doku tori"?
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    This is really amazing you should throw in some animations good or bad it would be amazing you should definitely continue

    I also want to name a Pokemon
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    @Fiyer Lord Done :)
    @greninjamaster17 I will let you know what I catch next.
    I was trying to do a hand drawn comic to tie-in (I was 30 pages into the comic when my first save crashed :( ). I stink at drawing and have zero skill doing any drawing with a computer. If any readers want to submit art, I am cool with that. Honestly, with this, and work, and general life, I am running out of time in a day :p I'l see what I can do, though.
    Thanks, everyone for the positive feedback. I am continuing work on the next chapter.
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    amazing story! cant wait till chapter 3!
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    Chapter 3: Teambuilding

    Batman stood up and looked at the route ahead. The grass was tall, easily 3 feet high. He looked down at Strawmander’s pokéball, and then moved into the grass. He had no idea what to expect at first. He knew that Pokémon encounters were random in the wild, but he did not know how frequently they appeared. He could feel his heart racing as he moved through the grass. His senses heightened with every step. He knew he would have to catch the first Pokémon that he met, and he was starting to get nervous. He thought through numerous scenarios where he knocked the wild Pokémon out, or got stuck with a horrible Pokémon. After Batman had taken fifteen steps into the tall grass, a small rustle in the grass caught his attention. A wild Pidgey came out from his left and fluttered its wings at him. The Pidgey didn’t seem agitated, but it blocked his path. Batman took out Strawmander’s pokéball and sent him out. Strawmander looked at the Pidgey, then turned back to Batman.

    “What do I do?” he asked.

    “We need to catch this one,” Batman said. “Weaken it some, then he can join our team.”

    Strawmander nodded and turned to the Pidgey. Strawmander quickly gave the Pidgey a scratch, and then Batman threw the pokéball. It was an easy capture and Batman was excited. He had caught his first Pokémon. As he walked toward the ball, though, he remembered what he’d have to do, and what he’d have to explain. He picked the ball up and sent the Pidgey out.

    “What’s your name?” Batman asked, getting down to be closer to the Pidgey.

    “Bird CJ,” she said with a small bow. “And who are you?”

    “I am Batman. This is Strawmander. Why did you jump out in front of me?”

    “Instinct.” Bird CJ said, in a ‘that’s how it is’ tone.

    “A trainer walks by and sometimes I just get the urge to fight. Have you never been through the tall grass before? Any wild Pokémon does it, and we all know why.”

    “Actually, you are the first wild Pokémon I’ve encountered,” Batman said. He frowned to himself as he realized that he was stalling.

    “Hey, Bird CJ,” Batman said, pulling his bag off his back and sliding it on the ground in front of him. “Have you heard of the Nuzlocke Games?”

    “Don’t tell me you’re a participant,” Bird CJ said slowly, her voice lowering.

    Batman nodded his head slowly, trying not to look Bird CJ in the eyes.

    Bird CJ sighed.

    “I never thought this would happen to me,” Bird CJ said, shaking her head.

    “I’m sorry,” Batman said softly, still avoiding eye contact. “I hate this as much as you do.”

    “I understand. I know it’s not your fault. Just tag me so we can move on.”

    Batman grabbed an implant and a syringe from the bag. He loaded the implant, and then held out his hand. Bird CJ jumped up on it. Batman grabbed the syringe, his hand shaking and found a spot right along the spine, right at the neck. Batman breathed deeply, steadying himself. As carefully as he could, he stuck the needle in just enough to get the tag in. He pulled the trigger and felt Bird CJ shiver a little in pain. He felt disgusted. He pulled the needle out and shoved the syringe into the bag.

    “That hurt, didn’t it?” Batman asked softly, as Bird CJ turned toward him.

    “Of course it hurt!” tears came into her eyes. “And it will likely hurt more later.”

    Batman felt a burst of guilt at those words. He wished he had never caught Bird CJ. Maybe she could be going back to her family now if he hadn’t shown up. He thought about asking her if she had a family, but thought it would be inappropriate. Bird CJ turned to get off of his hand, then stopped and turned back to face him:

    “I know enough about these games to know that most of the time the Pokémon from the first few routes never make it. Promise me you will not give up on me. I don’t want to become expendable.”

    Tears filled Batman’s eyes.

    “I won’t ever give up on you, he said softly, his voice hampered by his emotion, “Every Pokémon’s life is precious. I will do my best to make sure no one dies.”

    Bird CJ didn’t respond. Batman quickly assumed that meant that she was content, as he did not want to have to keep talking about it. He quickly changed the subject:

    “Ok guys, lets get going. We need to catch a few more Pokémon,” he said, as he pulled out his map and wiped his eyes with his arms. The map was marked with locations where new Pokémon could be caught. He saw that routes 2 and 22 were marked, as well as Viridian Forest before the first gym.

    “It looks like we can catch quite a few Pokémon before we have to battle Viridian’s gym. Let’s go.”

    As they moved along route 1, they encountered several Pokémon. Batman quickly learned that battling in real life was different than the simulators. The simulators gave health status bars and warnings when Pokémon were close to fainting. Here, he had to rely on his Pokédex to tell him how powerful moves were and what kinds of stats a Pokémon had. The hardest part was determining his Pokémon’s health levels. He couldn’t look at a status bar to determine their health; he had to gauge it by the tired look in their eyes and what they told him. Batman’s pulse raced every time a random Pokémon would come out of the grass. He knew the Pokémon he encountered were not a high level, but he couldn’t help but worry that he might misjudge his Pokémon’s health and get them killed. By the time he had left Route 1, Strawmander had learned Ember, so he felt confident that he was successfully training them.

    Viridian city was within sight after stepping out of the tall grass. He could se the Pokémon center and the Pokémart as well as a few houses.

    “Well,” he said, half talking to himself, “Let’s see what we’re up against.”

    He went straight into the Pokémon center and went to the counter.

    “Welcome to Viridian City,” the nurse said from behind the counter, smiling. “I see you’re a participant in the Nuzlocke games, “ she said, nodding to his vest and hat. “Hand me your Pokémon and I’ll heal them for you.”

    Batman handed his pokéballs over to the nurse. She turned and ran them through a small machine.

    “I just had to make sure you had implants in both of your Pokémon,” she said with her back turned. She promptly turned and placed the pokéballs on a large machine with what appeared to be a tray on top. The machine lit up and made a soft whirring sound for a moment, then shut off. The nurse took the pokéballs off of the machine and handed them back to Batman.

    “Here are your Pokémon! I’m sure I’ll see you soon,” she said cheerfully.

    Batman was a little surprised at the comment, but thanked the nurse and walked out without revealing his surprise. After he stepped outside, he let Bird CJ and Strawmander out.

    “How are you guys doing?” he asked.

    “I feel great,” Strawmander said.

    “I feel spectacular,” Bird CJ said, flapping her wings. “That machine feels better than a good night’s rest.”

    Batman smiled at them both. “Good. I always wondered how well the Pokémon center worked.” Batman thought to himself for a moment as Strawmander and Bird CJ stretched and moved around.

    “You guys like it outside you pokéballs, don’t you?” he asked.

    “I like it out here,” Strawmander said as he walked up to Batman, “It’s warm and sunny.”

    Bird CJ quickly backed up Strawmander’s statement: “I love it outside. I didn’t have a pokéball until a few hours ago.”

    “Then I will let you guys stay out of your pokéballs as often as you want.” Batman said.

    “I want you to be comfortable. At least I can give you that.”

    “Thanks, Batman.” Strawmander said cheerfully. “Where are we going next?”

    “Let’s go to route 22. We’ll need a few more Pokémon before we head over to the gym.”

    They walked over to the next route at the edge of town. As Batman rounded the corner, he saw a small patch of tall grass in an otherwise perfectly manicured section of road. He headed over and moved through the grass. It only took a few seconds for something to jump in front of him. He didn’t hesitate; he sent out Bird CJ as he tried to see what had jumped out. It was small, but after a moment, he realized it was a Rattata. He looked down at Bird CJ:

    “One tackle, then I’ll try and catch him.”

    Bird CJ nodded his head and went in for a quick hit. Batman got nervous as the hit landed solidly on the rattata’s head. The ratatta looked dazed, but clearly not fainted, so Batman threw a pokéball. He figured it was a sure capture, considering how dazed the ratatta looked, and, sure enough, the pokéball held and he was caught.

    Batman was excited, but couldn’t help feeling a little guilty for bringing someone else into this world or sorrow. He walked up to the pokéball and let the ratatta out. The ratatta still looked dazed, so he held him in his hand and lifted him close to talk to him.

    “My name is Batman and the pidgey is Bird CJ.” Batman pulled out Srawmander’s pokéball and sent him out.

    “That Charmander is Strawmander. This is my team. What is your name, little guy?”

    The ratatta looked up, shaking a little. He was so small and looked so fragile, Batman had a hard time holding his composure. The ratatta spoke up softly:

    “I am Pokefana,” he said sheepishly. “Why are you so nice?”

    Batman was surprised by the question:

    “Why wouldn’t I be nice?”

    “Most of the people who come through here treat me and my kind like trash. They call us horrible names and yell that we’re no good at fighting. They knock us out, then spit on us.”
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    Batman’s rage surged in him as the words left Pokefana’s mouth. He was starting to wonder why he got surprised at this. His mother had always kept him from hearing and seeing these kinds of things, but now that he had been out for less than a day, he was already starting to understand what the world was like outside of his hometown. He looked down at the ratatta and softly said,

    “Other trainer may be like that, but I promise I won’t be. I care about all Pokémon, regardless of what species they are.”

    Pokefana shook his head in acknowledgement and looked up at him. Batman looked back at Pokefana and tried to ignore the fact that he was stalling again. Before he could stop himself, he explained the situation to the new team member. Pokefana looked discouraged, but not surprised. Batman was grateful that the conversation went better than the last. He took out his bag and pulled out the syringe and a tracker.

    After giving Pokefana the implant, Batman took the team the rest of the way through the patch of grass. He got all the way out and looked to see what was nearby. To his right, he immediately noticed that Gary was approaching. Batman’s heart immediately plummeted. He looked down at his pokéballs and immediately worried for Pokefana. He knew that he was weak, and Gary would not be easy to defeat the second time. Gary quickly got close enough to make a few snide remarks.

    “Well, Batman, it appears we meet again. Have you gotten any better since our last meeting, or are you still a weakling?”

    Batman tried not to let the taunt bother him, but it was hard. After seeing so much pain and evil in the past few hours, he couldn’t help but retaliate. The rage overwhelmed him.

    “I beat you once, I can beat you again, Junior!” he yelled, instantly regretting his decision to use that name.

    “Junior?” Gary said aggressively. “So you have words to throw at me.”

    Gary’s face turned red as he spoke.

    “At least I’m not the son of a traitor,” he said arrogantly. “I, at least, am named after a great man. You are just the son of a Wurmple. You can never compete with me.”

    Gary grabbed a pokéball from his belt. He threw it out to reveal a Pidgey.

    Batman fumbled with the pokéballs on his belt. He knew that he had made Gary angry. He hoped he could beat him, but Gary always fought more focused when he was angry. Batman threw out Strawmander’s pokéball.

    When Strawmander saw Gary in front of him, he turned to Batman with a surprised look. Batman looked down at him,

    “I didn’t know he would be back yet. You ready?”

    “Of course,” Stramander said, turning around to reveal a snarled face.

    “Stay calm, Strawmander, we need to focus. I don’t want you hurt.”

    Strawmander nodded and turned back to the Pidgey.

    “You going to fight or not?” Gary said sharply.

    Batman frowned at Gary and turned to Strawmander,

    “Use Ember.”

    Strawmander turned and quickly let out a small burst of flames towards the Pidgey.

    Gary called out, “Quick, dodge it!” It was too late. The flames singed Pidgey’s feathers, and Pidgey lost his ability to stay in the air, quickly falling to the ground. The Pidgey made a soft thud on the ground and Gary looked down in horror, then up in anger.

    “You’ll pay for that,” he said loudly, throwing his second pokéball out. Squirtle appeared out of the pokéball. Nervous, Batman called Strawmander back. He through out Bird CJ and quickly told him to use Gust. Squirtle retaliated with scratch. The two exchanged blows, and Batman watched nervously, sweating as the seconds ticked by like hours. Squirtle soon fainted and Bird CJ, with ruffled feathers, turned back at Batman with a look of triumph. Gary looked up at Batman with hatred, a single tear glistening in his eye. He opened I mouth to speak, but held it in. As Batman stood there, he didn’t feel relief, he felt nervous, even sad. Gary was obviously hurt. He had hurt him. As the two stood there in silence, Batman realized for the first time that if this were any other contestant, his opponent would have died in front of him. A chill ran up his back and the hairs on his neck stood up, brushing the device there for the first time. Batman shook slightly at the feeling.

    Finally, Gary spoke. His composed nature returned, he brushed the tear away with his sleeve.

    “Well played.” He said softly. He opened his mouth, but turned and walked out of sight into the tall grass. Batman’s feelings did not leave with Gary. He looked down at Bird CJ. “What if I couldn’t beat him,” he thought to himself. For some reason this battle hit him harder than the last. He really was fighting to take other’s lives to save his own. The disgust at that realization was beyond comprehension. He stood there, eyes glazed, stuck on a destructive train of thought. Bird CJ still stood in front of Batman, waiting to be put back in his ball.

    Batman watched as his mind projected images of Pokémon falling down dead, their trainers weeping over them, before dying themselves, their Pokémon still in their arms. His mind started to panic. He didn’t want to go forward; didn’t think that he could. Suddenly, Bird CJ stopped his train of thought to ask if he was ok. Not knowing what to do, Batman turned to him and smiled.

    “Just thinking.” He said innocently. He pulled Bird CJ’s pokéball out so he could go back in. He didn’t know how to tell him what he was thinking of and didn’t want to tell him. Telling Strawmander, Bird CJ, and Pokefana would make it final: make it real. He walked back through the tall grass, trying to forget the images of death that scarred his memory and, he worried, foretold his future.
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    Sorry about breaking the chapter up. I exceeded the character limit with the chapter. I hope you guys like it (assuming anyone still reads it after all this time). Sorry about dropping off the map on writing. I will try and do better. I don't want this to be an unfinished project. If anyone here still likes it and wants the next chapter, maybe remind in a month or so if I haven't posted a new one.
    The trouble with this chapter was trying to speed it up. I don't want this to be a novel and a half, but pacing is so hard to master with this. Also, I hit a writing wall with the second battle with Gary. I rewrote it a dozen times trying to get it right. Let me know what you think and hopefully I will have chapter 4 soon!
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    if u continue this i want to name a poke
  16. batmanrises

    batmanrises Pokémon Trainer

    Of course, @Arceusrsz
    I will let you know when I get there. Unfortunately, I got too far ahead in the game and I am trying to catch up with the writing first :p
    I will let you know when I catch one so you can name it. Thanks for the comment.
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    Chapter 4: Trauma

    Batman walked into Brock’s gym, red-eyed and exhausted. A layer of sweat was visible on his arms, glistening in the harsh lights. The large stone room ended in a platform, a stairway to the rock leader Brock. Cameras were on the edge of the platform and one was along the walkway leading to the platform. Taking a deep breath, he walked forward toward the stoic Brock, whose blank stare down at him, as if from a high pedestal. His plan felt frail in that moment, and the weight of his responsibility magnified the stress he felt. He looked down at his pokéballs, and, shaking, stepped onto the platform.

    “So, the Nuzlocke challenger comes forward.” Brock said coldly. Brock looks at the screen in the back of the gym, showing the Pokémon Batman has registered.

    “No type advantages?” Brock said ponderingly. “It looks like your run ends today. “

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Batman walked gingerly through the forest, waiting for his next companion. Gary’s team had already gotten better, and the gym leader he was coming to was ready for Rattatas, Pidgeys, and Charmanders. Deep down, he hoped for a type advantage, but there was no way. As the stressed bore down on him, weighing his mind with dark feelings and fears, a Pikachu jumped in front of him. Excited, Batman threw out Ratatta. He remembered the stories his mom used to tell him of one of his dad’s friends having a Pikachu. He had always been fond of them for that reason and was excited to catch one. He had Rattata hit the Pikachu with a few tackles, then captured him with a single ball. The Pikachu, Danny, was shy. He introduced him to the group, tagged him, and pressed onward. He pulled out his pokedex to check the forest for the first time and looked through the Pokémon known to live there.

    “There are a lot of bugs.” Batman said to himself, but within earshot of his companion Pokémon. He put the pokedex away.

    “There are a lot of poison Pokémon in here. Strawmander, you will have to get us through with fire. We can’t risk anyone getting poisoned.”

    They pushed through the brush, occasionally seeing a Metapod or a Weedle, which were quickly and easily dispatched with a burn from Strawmander's ember. After getting about halfway through, Batman sent Danny out in the lead, noticing that Stawmander was running low on fire. They rested for a minute after the switch, and Batman let the group out of their pokeballs. Batman remembered the letter his mom had written. He set his backpack in front of him and pulled out the letter. Opening it, he saw his mother’s elegant writing. He read it slowly, soaking in every word, thinking it may be the last he hears from her:


    I am sorry that this day had to come. When your father and I welcomed you home, we did not know that Team rocket had this plan for the people of Kanto. I want you to know that your father would be very proud of you. He died trying to protect you, protect me from the horrors Team Rocket was producing. I hope that you don’t have to face a similar fate. I want you to know that I believe in you, and if you are at all like your father, you can make it through this challenge. Stay strong, fight hard, and don’t look back. I will see you when you become champion.



    A few tears sparkled in the corner of his eyes. He took a deep breath and wiped his face with his elbow, despite not having much to clear off. He looked up at his Pokémon, who were sitting, eating a few berries from a bush nearby.

    “They act like nothing is unusual, as if this were just a picnic or something.” He thought to himself. He thought back over his mother’s letter. He knew that his father fought alongside several others, all talented trainers, who tried to overthrow Team Rocket just as they gained power. His mother had always told him that his father was brave, but she did not get to speak of it often since Team Rocket was always listening for people telling stories of the condemned. His father had always been on the list of people you could never speak of.

    He sat for a minute longer, rereading the letter and focusing on the words of encouragement. After reading it a third time, Batman called Strawmander over and burned the letter with the flames from his tail. Seeing Strawmander’s confused look, he quickly responded,

    “A letter from my mom that no one can ever read but me.”

    He called the group together and they moved back through the forest. As light became visible 50 yards ahead, Batman felt some relief. The Weedles had gotten several stings in, despite his best efforts, but no one had been poisoned. Taking the last few steps out, he looked out in front of him, Pewter City visible ahead. He made his way to the Pokémon center and healed his Pokémon. He walked outside and saw the gym in the distance.

    “That will be Brock’s gym” he said to himself, trying not to think of his team’s current heavy weakness to rock moves. He walked the team back to the route right before the forest, hoping to catch a good Pokémon while he trained them. When a Rattata appeared, he tried not to show his disappointment. With Rattat now on the team, he trained all of them up in the grass right near Pewter. He trained his Pokémon up for a while, then tried to head to the next route, hoping to find a Pokémon to help him defeat the rock gym. As he reached the edge of the route, a game official stopped him. “Contestant, show me your badge to continue.” Batman started to sweat, knowing he could not cross in to find a better Pokémon.

    “I don’t have a badge; I just need to get onto this route to catch one more Pokémon before I face the gym. I will only be a second.” He tried to be bold and stepped forward. The official held out his hand at Batman’s chest.

    “Sorry, can’t let you pass. Those are the rules.” The official stood there, looking down at Batman. Batman opened his mouth to respond, but turned and walked away. He knew he would never get past that way. He walked down to the edge of town, to the route where they had been training and sent out all 5 of his Pokémon.

    “Ok everyone, this is going to be the team for facing Brock. He is the rock gym leader, so we are going to be very careful.” He paused, looking down at their nervous faces.

    “I know we can beat him, we just need a good strategy.” He said, trying to stay positive for them. He sat for a while and talked with them as a group, trying to figure the strengths they could exploit.

    “Ok, Danny, Pokefana, Rattat, all of you have non-effective moves and I don’t see how we can use you here. Bird CJ, Strawmander, we will use you both to take Brock down. Bird CJ, you can hit his Pokémon with sand attack over and over until they can’t hit anything, then Strawmander can use metal claw to finish them off.”

    He thought back over what he just said, surprised at the strategy he was able to construct given their circumstance. A short silence followed, the Bird CJ spoke up.

    “I think we can do it. I can take a few hits from Brock. It’ll be easy if I can get some sand in their eyes.” Batman nodded affirmingly.

    “That was what I was thinking. So, let’s train a little more, then get that badge.”

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Batman released Bird CJ, who flew a short loop in the air, then hovered in the middle of the platform. Brock did not hesitate as he released Geodude into the center of the platform as well.

    “Sand Attack, Bird CJ!” Batman yelled, hearing his voice shake and crack as he gave the order. The tension built inside of him as Bird CJ flew close to the ground, then stopped mid-air right in front of the geodude, using his powerful wings to slide up the dirt and dust from the floor into the eyes of Brock’s Pokémon. Batman waited for Brock’s order, but it never came. Brock stood there, watching as if he did not care. The geodude hit hard right after, tackling Bird CJ. Since Batman was expecting a rock type move, his spirits lifted for a moment and he boldly had Bird CJ hit geodude with sand attack again. This time, the geodude’s lunge missed, causing him to hit the ground beside Bird CJ.

    “One more! Then we’ll have him!” Batman shouted out, clearly excited now. Bird CJ made one more hit, and the Geodude failed to hit him. Batman withdrew Bird CJ and sent out Strawmander.
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    batmanrises Pokémon Trainer

    “Hit him with metal claw” Batman said in triumph as Strawmander knocked a hard blow to the Geodude’s left arm. The geodude managed to get in a tackle, but Strawmander finshed him off with another metal claw. Batman looked up at Brock, starting to feel like they could do this; a smirk across his face. Brock’s face was still completely lifeless, as if he didn’t care one way or another. Brock tossed out his second pokéball and an Onix popped out.

    The fear from Brock’s continual cold expression made the appearance of the large rock snake terrifying, despite Batman's surge of confidence. Batman sent Bird CJ back out and had Bird CJ hit the onix with a sand attack. The blow landed right in the eyes of the onix, who quickly struck a blow with his rock tail, grazing Bird CJ. Batman’s heart beat faster in his chest as Bird CJ appeared from behind onix and flew back toward Batman. Bird CJ awaited the next move, unfazed.

    Relieved at how little it hurt Bird CJ, he had him do another Sand attack. Bird CJ swooped in again and hit onix with more dirt in the eyes. This time, onix’s swing came faster and Bird CJ was unable to react to it. The tail swiped hard, striking Bird CJ on the head. Batman’s stomach turned upside down when he heard a small crunch, that sound like bones cracking. The sound seemed too loud for the size of Bird CJ and Batman screamed in his panic: “Bird CJ! Come back!”

    The onix slid back a little, trying to get his sandy eyes on Bird CJ, so he could be ready for the next attack. Bird Cj, though, was laying on the ground, her neck bent to the side, her beak with a large scratch on it. Batman sprinted onto the field of play and slid down next to the fallen Pidgey. He picked her up, the light, limp body never even flinching. The tears came freely from his eyes almost instantaneously. He looked up at Brock, whose cold stare remained the same, staring at Batman and his fallen Pokémon. Batman stood up, Bird CJ’s lifeless body in his hand. He held it out toward Brock,

    “Just like that, huh?” he sputtered on his tears for a second, “You just casually kill her, nothing to it.” To his surprise, Brock spoke:

    “Your Pokémon is not the first to have fallen by my hand, nor will it be the last. Keep battling, or forfeit the match.”

    Frustrated by Brock’s apathy, Batman walked back, looking down at Bird CJ, who was most certainly dead, though Batman could not tell if Onix or the implant had done the final act. Batman sent out Strawmander, still holding his downed Pidgey in one hand.

    For the first time, Batman felt the camera scrutinizing him, examining every tear, every sad expression. Batman looked down at his Charmander, who was looking back at Batman’s hand, having heard and seen everything from inside his ball. Batman made eye contact with Strawmander, showing his tear covered face,

    “Hit him as hard as you can.” Batman said to Strawmander. “Take him down.”

    Batman’s attention shifted between Bird CJ and Strawmander as Strawmander exchanged blows with Onix. The sand attacks had helped, and Onix only managed to hit Strawmander once before Strawmander finally struck the final blow to Onix’s head, scratching from the fin down to the chin.

    When Onix fell, Batman couldn’t cheer. He smiled at Strawmander, who had turned around for his approval, but he quickly looked back down at Bird CJ. Batman walked to Strawmander and scratched his head as he walked past him on the way to Brock. Brock stood there just as cold as before as he withdrew Onix back into his pokéball.

    “You have earned this badge,” Brock said, pulling a small pin from his pocket. “Wear it with honor as you continue your journey.” He handed the pin to Batman. Batman looked up in disbelief. Brock was not going to acknowledge his Pidgey, or the sacrifice she made. Batman could hear the camera whirring as it changed focus to him. The sound snapped him back to reality.

    “They don’t really care. This is just a game to them. Brock is measured by how many of my Pokémon he took down.” The horrible thought lingered. “He is only as good as the amount of Nuzlocke gamers he crushes.” The phrase kept running through his mind, over and over as he stepped off the platform, and without a word, walked outside.
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    Chapter 4 is up. Once again I exceeded the character limit, so it is split in half :p
    This one was hard to write. The attachment for my pokemon felt quite real when I realized I had to write about one falling. I am starting chapter 5 today. I will be continuing gameplay this week so I will have a few more captured pokemon for people to name :) Thanks for reading
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    Chapter 5: The Fans

    Batman barely got out the door and rounded the corner of the building before his churning stomach became almost unbearable. He felt as if he would be sick, but remembering that he was still cradling Bird CJ stopped him: He didn’t want to spoil his memory of her. He got around the building and headed towards a small patch of ground beside the gym where Nuzlocke contestants were to bury the Pokémon who fell at the hands of Brock. His legs tired out as he got closer. He lifted each leg with difficulty, and had less of a desire to move on with each step. He felt the energy to move starting to leave him.

    “Promise me you will not give up on me.” The words played over and over in his head. Bird CJ’s words had made him cry before, but for a different reason. The guilt was a different kind then. As he stepped to an empty spot in the graveyard, he looked down at the limp Pidgey:

    “I let her down. She wanted me to protect her, to never give up on her, and I pushed her too hard.” The words flowed as a whisper from his mouth freely, as if they were waiting to come out. He could barely see through the tears that poured through his eyes. The pain changed, he felt like his chest was itching from the inside. He felt like he had tears and emotions trying to get out through ever inch of him, pressuring to escape through every pore. For a few minutes, he lost control, sobbing hopelessly on the ground, gently rubbing Bird CJ’s still soft feathers.

    Batman woke up. The evening had obviously set in. He sat up, immediately steadying himself with his free hand as he sat. He felt dizzy, his face flushed. He looked down at Bird CJ, still in the same position she was in when he picked her up. He looked over to find Strawmander sitting on the ground, obviously tired. He remembered he had never put back Strawmander in his ball. Looking to Strawmander’s right, he saw a hole, two feet long and around three feet deep. He looked into it for a minute, his brain still waking up and resetting from the emotion and the sleep.

    “Did you dig that hole, Strawmander?” Batman asked softly, turning to face his starter, even thought he knew the answer. Strawmander sniffled, keeping his head facing to the ground, barely moving. After a moment, he responded,

    “I did.”

    Batman looked at it.

    “I should have dug the hole, I am the one . . .” He trailed off.

    Strawmander looked up at Batman,

    “I loved her too.”

    Batman grabbed Strawmander and lifted him into his lap. He gave Strawmander a soft hug. It felt like hugging a small child. He held him softly for a moment, then pulled him back so he could look him in the eyes.

    “You did a special thing for her. She would have appreciated that.” Batman said softly, saying the words slowly, evenly, tears slowly flowing softly down his face and crossing over his mouth as he spoke. He tried hard to be strong, to be stronger. He didn’t want his other Pokémon to feel as if he could not care for them. He knew his journey would be hard, and he knew that crying showed weakness in the eyes of Team Rocket and everyone around Kanto. Showing too much emotion was equivalent to being incompetent in the eyes of the culture. “Those who cry always die” was the saying they said popularly during each Nuzlocke. He remembered that just last year, while the games were in Johto, there was a young girl who lost her first Pokémon fighting another contestant right before the first gym. She cried throughout the whole battle, even collapsing to her knees. There was a man in Pallet Town who told everyone that from that moment on, he knew she would die; she was too weak. During her third gym battle, she lost a Pokémon and started sobbing again. The emotions of the moment caught up with her and she made huge mistakes, ultimately losing the rest of her Pokémon and her life. He remembers seeing her lying on the gym floor, her face still soaked with tears. Through the next week, the man in town frequently proclaimed how he was right. He focused back in on Strawmander, gathering his focus:

    “We will bury her, but we will never forget her. We won’t lose anyone else.”

    He set Strawmander down beside him and stood up. He let the others out of their pokéballs, then called them to stand around the grave. He gave a short statement about Bird CJ, his voice cracking occasionally, but managing to hold back the tears. The other Pokémon, who had witnessed the battle through their pokéballs were somber, depressed; some of them even looked afraid. He wanted to comfort them, but he couldn’t think of a way to tell them in his current state, he felt like he couldn’t care for them; he felt like he would fail them, over and over, probably lose them all. He thought about the man from Pallet Town who was probably looking at the screen right now and saying to everyone, “Batman won’t make it. He’s too weak. Watch, you’ll see.”

    Batman’s head dropped to his chest, he looked down at Bird CJ one last time, then laid her in the grave. He stood up and spoke a short eulogy:

    “I barely spent any time with Bird CJ. We met under the worst of circumstances. She was my first catch, my first wild encounter. From the moment we first talked I could tell she was different. She was smart, she knew the predicament she was in and knew what had to be done. She didn’t hesitate to help, she gave her all.”

    Batman paused, holding back tears. He knew he had to be stronger, had to get stronger. He straightened up and continued:

    “Bird CJ showed me the best of what a Pokémon should be. She taught me to love, to train. She believed in me; she believed in us. I will never forget the things she taught me. I will be stronger . . . work harder because of her sacrifice.”

    Batman stopped and turned to his other Pokémon, some looking at Bird CJ with sorrow, others looking at Batman in hope.

    “Bird CJ would want us to go on, she would want us to win. We owe her that. I owe her that.”

    Batman’s words ended softly, the last phrase a sobering reminder of her sacrifice for him. He bent down and started moving the dirt into the grave, in his mind remembering her fly back into position, even after being hit by Onix that first time. He tried to remember her that way: fighting, strong, resilient.

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