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LF Vivillon Gathering

Discussion in 'Trade Pokémon' started by Bryana, Aug 27, 2018.

  1. Bryana

    Bryana Youngster Joey

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    Welp, here goes nothing...

    Looking to trade for Vivillon with patterns I need to have the whole set (not including the Fancy and Pokéball Patterns since those are event-specific), which are as follows:
    - Garden
    - Jungle
    - Meadow
    - Monsoon
    - River
    - Sandstorm
    - Tundra
    Attached I have the "map" which shows where each variation can be caught/evolved/bred. Keep in mind that if your 3DS is not set to the variation's region, you won't be able to get that variation even through breeding a traded Vivillon!

    1) female Vivillon
    2) any level
    3) any nature and characteristic
    4) either original or shiny version would be fine
    5) no nickname preferred

    If you have any of the patterns listed, let me know and make a pokémon trade request of your own (please don't ask for legendaries or mythicals, unless it's Phione...that I can provide). Whichever pokémon you request in return, I'll let you know if I have it so I can breed the asked for pokémon in exchange for the Vivillon pattern I need. It's a win-win for both parties! Just note that if you ask for a specific gender, nature, characteristic and/or shiny variant, the breeding process will take a bit longer. It'd be much simpler on the both of us if I give you whatever hatches (though gender would be a bit easier to manage since I can breed multiple eggs and just hatch them all until I get the gender you ask for). As for specifically shiny breeding, I mean, I'll try my best if you absolutely want a shiny, but please don't get angry with me if I can't produce one. Also, if you want it to be nicknamed, I'll also gladly give it the requested nickname. When we come to an agreement, just add my friend code and let me know when you'll be available for the trade (whether or not you want to keep my friend code after the trade is entirely up to you; I don't mind being a breeding factory if you want help filling your Pokédex lol!).

    Thank you in advance and it was a pleasure doing trading with you~
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  2. Bryana

    Bryana Youngster Joey

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    Tradeable pokemon are now listed on my profile to make it easier, so now you can ask in this thread or just check my profile for available pokemon!

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