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What starter did you pick, and why?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon' started by Becidot, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. Becidot

    Becidot Youngster Joey

    Tell me why you chose your starter!

    I chose Litten because cats are assholes, and I own four of them.
    No type preference, really - I've since managed to get hold of the other two starters anyway!
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  2. AngelKohana

    AngelKohana Youngster Joey

    I actually really like all 3 of them, but when I started up Moon I went with Litten since my other two friends got the other, didn't have a single regret on my way the final trials ended up naming her Tigress

    One Sun I picked Popplio, just cause it's adorable I named him Zuma...I'm hopin to pick a another copy of Sun or Moon just for challenge runs or when I reset Sun I may start with Rowlet to say yeah I used all 3 somewhere haha
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  3. Katattack522

    Katattack522 Youngster Joey

    Rowlet, I was going to pick Litten, but I hate the final form. I like Popplio, but I want a female one..
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  4. notsoclutch

    notsoclutch Rare Breed Staff Member Admin Let It Reign Battler Donor

    Don't tell Gold 2.0, but I actually like all of the designs including the poplio line, but I ended up going with rowlett because Decidueye is one of my all time favorite Pokemon designs. I love the typing, look, and backstory of it and honestly, who didn't want to use robin hood as their starter?
  5. Monique

    Monique Youngster Joey

    Litten, because kitty <333 I hate incineroar too, but I was willing to make a concession. I love Rowlet and Poplio though, as soon as I got a ditto I traded in GTS for a poplio and bred one of my own from it. No room on my team for rowlet at the moment though because I have fomantis, but it will probably be the starter I'll pick when I get the other game.
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  6. Matt_192

    Matt_192 Official Server Crasher Staff Member Admin Will Not Fall Journalist Friendzilla Donor Dex Contributor Iron Will

    @Gold 2.0 ;)
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  7. mogutif

    mogutif Pokémon Trainer

    I picked popplio because hipster lyf
  8. Beck

    Beck Who is Beck? Trusted Seller Badge Donor

    Rowlet because to be very honest the other two look horrible.

    (And because Soul Shackle has a sick name, and sick effects)
  9. QuicksilverFoxx

    QuicksilverFoxx Youngster Joey

    I picked Popplio, because my two friends picked the other two starters and I actually quite liked the idea of Primarina. A lot of the best design for Gen VII are quite feminine so I decided to go for quite a girly team with Popplio at the head (even if it meant resetting a bunch of times to get a female)
  10. Gold 2.0

    Gold 2.0 The Immortal Dragon Underdog with a Heart of Steel Staff Member Mod Donor

    if popplio's fin clap and "Bwark!" Isn't enough to charm your pants off idk what is @notsoclutch @Matt_192
  11. Bruh

    Bruh Pokémon Trainer

    I chose litten since I liked his stats and the attack he has, so I chose him!
  12. Nony

    Nony Youngster Joey

    I picked litten because mah little keitty keitty is the cutest poke ever :)
  13. Furettonzolo

    Furettonzolo Youngster Joey

    Rowlet, loved its design, plus Dartrix kinda reminded me of someone...
  14. shiny luma

    shiny luma Pokémon Trainer

    I chose popolio since you cant go wrong with traps;):Thumbsup::Thumbsup:
  15. adishu

    adishu Pokémon Trainer

    I chose Litten since Me and my brother both love it.
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  16. I picked Rowlett because Owls are my favorite
  17. Meo

    Meo Youngster Joey

    I chose Rowlet because my sister chose Litten XD She would've thrown a fit if I'd gone with Popplio. I really like both Rowlet and Popplio, and their evolution lines. :D I have a bit of trouble liking Incineroar... but I don't mind it too much, its still a Pokemon after all, and I love 'dem poke's!
  18. bigriglover2

    bigriglover2 Youngster Joey

    Rowlett is just so cute

    ARROWTOTHEKNEE Pokémon Trainer

    I chose litten because I'm a pyro. Love fire types. Turns out he's the worst stat wise of the 3 starters. After 20 years charizard will always be my all time favorite tho.
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  20. FaeriMagic

    FaeriMagic Youngster Joey

    I chose Rowlet, because I was restarting the game a whole lot of times to get some starters for my sister. (She wanted to have three of each starter, ack..)

    Rowlet was the last starter I had to do so I ended up going with that one. Plus, it was my favorite starter anyways. I named him Marsh! (As in Marshmallow, and also because marshes are spooky places suitable for his eventual Ghost type.)
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