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Trading Profile of AceBreeder-Brock

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  2. awesome customer service! waited for me, remembered my order, and went above and beyond! will be back!

  3. Fast Services!

  4. hey thanks for helping a first time buyer would recommend

  5. Quick, Fast, Simple and Helpful. Definitely Will Be a Returning Customer.

  6. Was quick and very helpful

  7. Very kind, helped me create a team.

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  11. Great Seller

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  13. Quick, Fast, Simple and Helpful. Definitely Will Be a Returning Customer.

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  16. Bought 6 Pokemon, great prices!

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  30. Very friendly and helpful

  31. Thanks!

  32. PC well spent!

  33. Another great deal with Brock! Great service

  34. Great Customer Service

  35. Fast and courteous !

  36. Parasect and Breloom

  37. Legond

  38. Everything PERFECT

  39. nice shop

  40. Great trader, very fast, even though he had multiple deals going on at the same time. Even gave me a bonus. I would definitely use Brock again

  41. Same impeccable service as always - clear recommendation to anyone.

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  51. Awesome, always fast and delivers What I want.