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Trading Profile of AceBreeder-Brock

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  2. Fast to trade and reply, very cordial.

  3. Awesome!

  4. Quick response, expert Pokemon knowledge, excellent product. Many thanks!

  5. Friendly and Helpful

  6. Fast & helpful

  7. Great Seller

  8. and I did..twice! and much more in the future >w<

  9. I definitely think i'll be coming back >w<

  10. Great job.

  11. Very easy to deal with

  12. Perfect

  13. Great, Friendly, Helpful, and Fast

  14. Buying two pokemon

  15. YEY

  16. Very fast.

  17. Really satisfied with the legendaries he provided, would definitely recommend.

  18. Fast an easy- super freindly

  19. Great will do business with again

  20. Trade

  21. Great service and very helpful!

  22. Awesome!!!

  23. I'm the worst

  24. Amazing!

  25. Dude's awesome. I'm a newbie and he held my hand through the entire process. A+++ Will be seeking his insight again!

  26. Awesome trade!

  27. Fast and good Quality

  28. Fast, reliable and helpful! ^_^

  29. Fast and friendly!

  30. helpful

  31. Excellent at whatever services he provides.

  32. Great service.

  33. PERFECT service for PERFECT Pokemon! Highly Recommended!

  34. awesome customer service! waited for me, remembered my order, and went above and beyond! will be back!

  35. Fast Services!

  36. hey thanks for helping a first time buyer would recommend

  37. Quick, Fast, Simple and Helpful. Definitely Will Be a Returning Customer.

  38. Was quick and very helpful

  39. Very kind, helped me create a team.

  40. Great seller and really fast trusting and nice

  41. Great service! Really enjoyed it!:D

  42. Great Help

  43. Great Seller

  44. Amazing.

  45. Quick, Fast, Simple and Helpful. Definitely Will Be a Returning Customer.

  46. Fast, Affordable and Trustable. Great service altogether!

  47. Great Seller

  48. Bought 6 Pokemon, great prices!

  49. great service

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  51. Excellent Seller, Highly Recommended!