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Trading Profile of Dom

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  2. very knowledgeable, competent player and nice guy who really cares about making you happy :), bought 18 pokmon and everything went fine

  3. Good seller. Very trustworthy. Got my Lopunny quick and it's also perfect.

  4. Good returning customer with a reasonable sense of value

  5. Fast and reliable

  6. Amazing and quick the pokemon are wicked.

  7. Great seller! A++

  8. Good

  9. Great

  10. Delphox

  11. Bought Three Teams Great Seller!

  12. Fast and friendly trader! Bought three teams.

  13. straight forward, clear, and easy to work with.

  14. Patient and everything went well :)

  15. amazing

  16. Incredibly fast and exactly what I asked for.

  17. Perfect!

  18. Very good, fast and responsive. Received the same day as payment.

  19. Excellent, Fast transaction!

  20. Made my second purchase

  21. Amazing seller

  22. Super Quick, Great Seller

  23. Great Serller

  24. Amazing! Speedy! Always Online! Good Price!

  25. Great seller!

  26. Excellent

  27. hiyeahhh buddy

  28. Dom is Dom

  29. Good Seller

  30. Amazing!

  31. Awesome seller, it is fast and gave me a lot of advices as well!

  32. Ordered Competitive monotype Steel, had it in under an hour with notes!

  33. Perfect support and extremely prompt responses! 6 out of 5 stars :)

  34. Well priced. Fast. Fun. Friendly. Patient. He had everything I wanted and more.

  35. Fast and Easy!

  36. +1 nice trader

  37. Shiny Gastly 6 IV

  38. Awsome trades

  39. Awesome quick seller with good prices

  40. Very good seller :)!

  41. Aweosme trader! Very Trustworthy and fast!

  42. I bought custom teams from Dom-- great composition, and a quick transfer.

  43. Fast and awesome seller.

  44. LEgit guy thanks!

  45. Good Trade

  46. :)

  47. Amazing and quick services as always :D

  48. Fast and efficient!

  49. Great guy, delt with me being fairly annoying

  50. trustworthy and really fast! Nice guy too! :) Thanks for the quality pokes!

  51. very good to work with