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Trading Profile of Krelbit

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  2. Bought again

  3. Great service, fast response time

  4. Loyal customer, with good reason.

  5. Great guy and nice service!

  6. A good as always

  7. Thanks again!

  8. Awesome

  9. Another great trade!

  10. Boss Seller

  11. Rate 11/10

  12. Thank you for the service!~ Patient and reliable seller!

  13. Good Service Toke time to change my pokemon when pokemon sun/moon decides to not trade b/c new update of pokemon bank did not come out yet

  14. The best.

  15. Can't get any better

  16. Professional

  17. Complicated order with many hangups went GREAT. super reasonable and professional

  18. Very communicative

  19. Excellent! Fast and did everything required!

  20. super fast :") thanks again

  21. As fast and efficient as always !

  22. Really reliable seller. Fulfilled all my wants.

  23. Thanks

  24. Good deal!

  25. Came back for more and again, its fast and satisfying!

  26. Great Seller, fast and Efficient!

  27. sold me a dratini as asked

  28. Very fast and great communication

  29. Extremely fast and exactly as I wanted. Would be more than happy to do business with again!

  30. Great Job

  31. Azumarill

  32. awesome deal with ditto packs

  33. nice , polite and fast with orders , awesome shop to pass by

  34. Simply Amazed

  35. Fantastic. Hands down.

  36. Business as usual!

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  44. Trusted Seller

  45. Badabing

  46. Good buy (again)

  47. Good buy

  48. BOOM!

  49. Always a pleasure doing a transaction with krelbit!

  50. Very quick! perfect transaction and friendly service. 10/10 Recommended.

  51. BAM

  1. Patient and nice. Have a great day!

  2. Sold me salt +1 would again

  3. Fanks m8

  4. Very Patient. Thanks!

  5. Courteous. Could not get my pokemon, did not do the research. Took a hit for it and learned his lesson. Good luck.

  6. Great buyer, great attitude, no problems.

  7. Patient and nice. Have a great day!

  8. Great buyer, great attitude, no problems.

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  12. Very Patient. Thanks!

  13. Very nice buyer. No problems.

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  15. Nice and patient.

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  17. Very nice buyer. No problems.

  18. No complaints.

  19. Excellent buyer.

  20. Friendly and fast.