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  1. Chipman42
  2. Gwendolyn Barba
    Gwendolyn Barba
    This isn't an overnight process. This has been important in my opinion. I am really sharing the whole Audien Hearing Aids story.
  3. Karate Hottie
    Karate Hottie
    Growing to learn and learning to improve
  4. Yungfaux
  5. Saya Kisaragi
    Saya Kisaragi
    Even after my leave, I thought I wouldn't return. But I have returned just to soak in the nostalgia. Though I return as Zentreya, not Saya
  6. Jiggly
    Jiggly Charizard101
    what's happening dude
  7. Jiggly
    Jiggly Rommulox
    Dear Diary,

    I’m sorry it’s taken over seven and a half years since my last submission. I’m not the best at keeping on top of these sorts of things. I just remember that Rommulox wasn’t on the site, and now that the site has returned, I can’t help but yearn for the return of Rommulox. I hope he is doing well. That is all.
  8. Jiggly
    Once again, as days and years have passed, I must wonder: Where is Rommulox?
  9. Brock
  10. Niqyue
    Ayo we back bby
  11. MrDao
  12. Deadshot
  13. Beck
    Finally done with my pre-tertiary education. How’s everyone holding up? Really need an update on what’s going on here :’) Things seem diff
    1. Brock
      wut up beck
      Dec 3, 2018
  14. Daigusto_Ultimo
    College classes almost over for the semester so I'll be more active again including in my duties as a gym leader, starting YouTube channel 2
  15. OkamiOfFire
    Patiently waiting for the 14th when I *might* get a Deoxys from an EX raid
  16. OkamiOfFire
    SERVER ERROR?! Can someone fix this site? I would like to post a thread, or even reply, but it won't let me! Your site's screaming "Fix Me"!
    1. Brock
      Hi this has been reported and is being worked on, thx for your patience.
      Nov 12, 2018
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  17. OkamiOfFire
    I have 3 GO accounts for catching rares and trading for candy. Crap shinies on my main, amazing Mawhile and Typhlosion on the others. Salt.
  18. Vonniker
    I'm on until 2 pm today, if anyone wants to trade.
  19. buckembarnes
    Anyone else having trouble opening a ticket?
  20. OkamiOfFire
    I had to catch a Damp Parasect (which got me a shiny Paras) for HA Graveler . . . procrastinating in hopes of a trade offer