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  1. Ary

    Pokemon Day Predictions!

    If mystery dungeon was combined with the timeline of legends of arceus and raids id think some people might lose their minds.
  2. Ary

    Pokemon Day Predictions!

    lol i could see them remaking pokemon ranger using the swtich either with the joy sticks or the controllers oh maybe new controllers just for the game kinda like the wii MYSTERY DUNGEON THO those were such good games
  3. Ary

    Pokemon Day Predictions!

    They almost always have a spin off game so im going with that one. Even if its an existing spin off. Free space obviously And a new unova game since they need a wow factor towards the end with a release date of 2026
  4. Ary

    Do people still do nuzlockes?

    In this case im referring to the newer games where the map is more open and less forces you to walk through grass and fight when your trying to run back to heal. In this instance unless you allow yourself to be risky you never really are at risk of failing so wheres the point and challenge
  5. Ary

    Do people still do nuzlockes?

    And if so is it even reasonable to try one? Isn't avoiding battles easier then ever, where's the challenge?
  6. Ary

    Ask the Next Person A Question Game

    Getting lost in manga and forgetting the world i live in exists for a bit is nice. Question for the next person: whats your favorite pokemon that ash never used?
  7. Ary

    Most ridiculous things you've seen in Scarlet and Violet

  8. Ary

    Favorite Shiny Pokemon

    which shiny charizard tho lol
  9. Ary

    Favorite Shiny Pokemon

    What's your Favorite Shiny Pokemon? New or Old Post them Here and tell us why?!?
  10. Ary

    Active Return of TeamWars (Vote)

    fight! fight! fight!
  11. Ary

    We're back!

    We're back!
  12. Ary

    Vote for Dark Mode here!

    When you work on a computer all day its a life or death tool for your eyes lol
  13. Ary

    Vote for Dark Mode here!

    Cast thee vote into the Eternal Darkness and Shun the Light together we Worship the Dark!
  14. Ary

    Permanently Closed (Previous Season) Psychic Gym - Issue challenge here (Open)

    yea he was temp as i had stated originally
  15. Ary

    Permanently Closed (Previous Season) PokéGym Challenge: Activity Tracking

    @Mannen The Cannon will be temp running the psychic gym, when Cheza does actually return she can have it back (similar to what u guys did with mynor expect he never returned). No need for a gym to be inactive so long as well as refusal of accepting challenges for the gym. If there are any...
  16. Ary

    Permanently Closed (Previous Season) Gym Leaders: Earn Your Badge

    not yet lol go win that 10th match
  17. Ary

    Permanently Closed (Previous Season) Gym Leader Application

    according to this that gym isn't up for claiming so you have to challenge the current gym leader for it