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Closed 5iv - 6iv Shiny. BR PKMN

TyeTVJan 1, 2018

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    Dec 31, 2017
    !Welcome to my Tye's SHOP! Where your satisfaction is my No. 1 priority :)

    Background of myself:
    I was an ex competitive player in Pokemon and have no touched my 3ds or any pokemon game in two years or so. This is due to me getting into the competitive scene of Rainbow Six Siege on Ps4 and currently moving to PC in hopes of joining ESports. I just today logged into my game file and hope to sell all these pokemon which in my time of playing competitive were sought after (Hope they still are today).

    I made up prices on the fly, so be aware PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE TO FIT THE MARKET. That being said i am open to offers and will glady give special bundles to people you buy multiple pokemon. I can confirm through using pokebank these pokemon are able to be used in battle, trade, used in pokebank and are legit.

    Other PKMN:
    I currently also have shiny legendaries either with good IV's or not good IV"s if anyone is interested in those pokemon i hope to be able to attach a poll to this thread.

    Thank you all for your time and I hope I can gain your trust as I hope to sell all these pokemon and possibly make money on the side for PC related stuff :) (I will download the app for this website to stay up to date) ANY QUESTIONS FEEL FREE TO ASK!

    Note: I have attached a screenshot of the powerpoint for information of the pkmn, I hope is comes out! If it doesn't let me know asap!

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