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An Introduction to OMs (Other Metagames)

Matt_192May 17, 2015

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    Jul 24, 2014
    Lately a few people have been asking what OMs are, what the term stands for and what the heck all these different metagames are on the ladder, so I thought I may as well make an updatable thread listing all the current OMs, an introduction to what they are and more!

    'OM' stands for 'Other Metagame' - it is effectively a metagame that does not follow the standard tiering rules and instead revolves around a certain mechanic, e.g. Inverse Battles.

    If you have an idea for an OM, there is a way to submit it! Every month, me and @CannuJul will be accepting 2 oMotMs (Original Metagame of the Month) to code and implement into our Showdown server! If you wish for your idea to be created, please create a thread in the Showdown sub-forum regarding the details of your Other Metagame - try and include as much detail as you can, especially information regarding which Pokemon become better/worse, possible banlists, information regarding the different mechanics, etc! When you do make the thread, please preceed it with [Other Metagame] so we know what we're looking for. Please see this link for the the oMotM hub!

    Now that that's out of the way, here is a list of the current OMs and what they are about!

    Current Original Metagames of the Month:
    In this metagame, the first and second moves that a Pokemon has are linked together into one turn, similar to how Electivire's Link Shop functions in Mystery Dungeon. However, there are a few catches: the priority of these two attacks takes the lowest priority move. E.g. if you linked Fake Out and Drain Punch, the attacks would have 0 priority.

    This metagame uses standard OU clauses except for Item Clause as normal. Also:
    • Super Fang + Sesimic toss/Night Shade in a link, Protecting moves (protect/Detect/King's Shield/Spiky Shield) in a link, Razor fang/King's Rock, 2-Turn moves in a link, More than 1 choice item per team are banned
    You can read more about it here. There are a number of usable sets and viability rankings in the thread
    In Move Equality, all attacks have 100 Base Power, with a number of exceptions to make sure this isn't completely broken. @Marigi174 has a full post dedicated to this metagame in the forums, so here is the link!

    Other Metagames:
    CAP is being removed on the next server restart - we are planning to create a Perfect Pokemon CAP project. If you wish to keep the Smogon CAP Pokemon tier, please inform me.
    Challenge Cup is a 6v6 randomized format where nearly everything about a Pokemon is randomized: EVs, IVs, Nature, Moves, etc. However, the level will be in relation to the Pokemon's BST. Items are also randomized, leading to some very strange situations like Caterpie holding a Bicycle!

    Another version of this format is a 1v1 format of this, although Team Preview still exists and you get to choose from 6 Pokemon.

    Challenge Cup has no banlist and no clauses to follow whatsoever.
    In this format, any Pokemon is allowed and you can use any move or ability in the game on the Pokemon. However, you are still limited to 510 EVs like all normal metagames. Also, mega evolutions do not require their mega stone - you may use whatever item you want without Item Clause taking effect!

    In terms of abilities, you can only use two of each particular ability at the most on a team. Another clause implemented is called the '-ate' clause, where you are limited one of Aerilate/Refrigerate/Pixilate.

    Arena Trap, Huge Power, Parental Bond, Pure Power, Shadow Tag, Wonder Guard, Assist and Chatter are banned.
    1v1 is a fast paced metagame where you bring up to 3 Pokemon and choose just 1 to have a short match. Most of this format relies on you accurately predicting what your opponent will choose, as well as choosing 3 Pokemon to hit as much as possible.

    1v1 follows OU clauses, except Item Clause as is a trend with most of these OMs.
    • Focus Sash is banned.
    • Genesect, Gengarite, Lucarionite and Salamencite are unbanned.
    The rules behind Monotype are simple - all of the Pokemon in your team must have one type in common.

    Monotype follows OU clauses (except Item Clauses) as well as Same-Type Clause.
    • Mawilite, Slowbronite and Talonflame are banned.
    • Genesect is unbanned.
    In Tier Shift, every Pokemon below OU has +5 in all base stats incrementally as the tiers go down (i.e. UU Pokemon have +5, RU Pokemon have +10, etc). However, Shedinja will not gain a boost to its HP stat.

    Any Pokemon in NU, PU, NFE and LC will only gain a +15 boost.

    Read more about it here.
    This metagame works exactly the same way as it does in the games. For those of you not aware of this format, every move's effectiveness is switched around, so that not very effective moves are now super effective, vice versa and etc.

    SE X4 becomes NVE X.25
    SE X2 becomes NVE X.5
    Neutral stays the same
    NVE X.5 becomes SE X2
    NVE X.25 becomes SE X4
    Immunity X0 becomes SE X2
    Ability/item immunities stay the same.

    As usual, standard OU Clauses barring Item Clause applies.
    • Diggersby, Kyurem-Black, Serperior and Snorlax are banned.
    • Dialga, Genesect, Giratina and Mega Lucario are unbanned.
    In AAA, you can use almost any ability on any Pokemon that you want - a bit like Hackmons, but you can only change the ability of a Pokemon.

    Aerilate, Arena Trap, Contrary, Fur Coat, Huge Power, Imposter, Parental Bond, Protean, Pure Power, Shadow Tag, Simple, Speed Boost, Wonder Guardv are banned, although they can be used if the base Pokemon can get the ability.
    • Archeops, Bisharp, Keldeo, Kyurem-B, Mamoswine, Regigigas, Shedinja w/ Sturdy, Slaking, Smeargle w/ Prankster, Terrakion and Weavile are banned.
    • Blaziken w/ Speed Boost, Genesect and Shaymin-S are unbanned.
    The concept behind this OM is simple - every Pokemon gains all moves of its STAB types. E.g. Landorus would be able to use all Ground type attacks and all Flying type attacks in the game.

    If a Pokemon evolves from another Pokemon with a different typing, the evolution gains all STAB moves from the first Pokemon. E.g. Espeon has all Psychic type moves and all Normal type moves from Eevee.
    • Aerodactylite, Altarianite, Diggersby, Keldeo, King's Rock, Lopunnite, Metagrossite, Porygon-Z, Razor Fang, Slowbronite and Sylveon are banned.
    • Darkrai is unbanned.
    Info coming soon!
    Info coming soon!
    Info coming soon!
    Info coming soon!
    In this metagame, each Pokemon receives the movepool and ability of any other Pokemon in the game. However, you have to take both the ability and the movepool, also, you can only receive from one Pokemon.

    You may also inherit from Mega Evolutions/Primal-Devolutions, as well as hidden abilities (i.e. You can inherit Water Absorb from Suicune). However, megas lose their inherited ability upon mega-evolving.

    The tier uses the same clauses as OU except Item Clause. It also uses a new clause called 'Donor Clause' - this means that you cannot inherit from the same Pokemon more than once.
    • Archeops, Assist, Keldeo, Kyurem-Black, Regigigas, Shedinja and Slaking are banned.
    • Inheriting Wonder Guard, Pure Power, Huge Power, Gale Wings, Arena Trap, Shadow Tag, Imposter, Parental Bond and inheriting from Smeargle or Sableye is banned.
    • Aegislash, Blaziken w/ Speed Boost, Deoxys-Defense, Genesect, Greninja and Lucarionite are unbanned.
    Read more about it here. There are a number of usable sets and viability rankings in the thread!
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